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  1. T. migratoris

    Speaker's Day - Aug 4

    There's a Chipotle a block or so away as well.
  2. T. migratoris

    RO water system benefit/consumption

    I filter water into a small basin that sits under the GH benches. I use a Shurflo 8005-733-255 110V diaphragm pump to draw water from the basin & deliver it through a combination of 1/2" pvc and 3/8" reinforced hose (could be pvc also) to a stainless steel watering wand. The pump has an...
  3. T. migratoris

    What's your monthly heating bill now?

    That hurts ... and fast! I know switching to NG will significantly cut my winter heating costs but the work & expense involved in extending gas piping out to the GH is not something I'm ready for just yet. What I really need is to grow a higher value crop ... :evil: This is California, after...
  4. T. migratoris

    What's your monthly heating bill now?

    I gagged when I opened the last PG&E bill ... $402 total (house+GH). I'm only guessing at the split but based on previous years I'd have to say the GH was $150 of that. We live in the foothills east of the Central Valley at about 1500 feet so it's always pretty cold in the winter, but as Candace...
  5. T. migratoris

    Anybody here with Balls???

    I've had a handful of Ball Pythons over the years - including some good sized ones (one was somewhere between 4 & 5 feet). Wonderful creatures. We made feeding live mice & rats a ritual (dimmed lights, soft music, etc.) which took some of the yuk factor away, at least for my wife. But our house...
  6. T. migratoris

    Fun Surprise

    That's it. I've had one for many years that I got from Santa Barbara Orchid Estate and I think I've found that they don't particularly care for a ton of light. I currently have mine hanging in the rafters with a couple of Vandas as an experiment and even though it bloomed there I can tell it's...
  7. T. migratoris

    slugs / snails problems

    I've had problems with slugs in my GH as well. I've started (but not yet finished) the process of becoming a certified pesticide applicator - it's not hard - so then I can buy Mesurol for use in California. It's expensive but so are miticides, and frankly slugs can be more devastating more...
  8. T. migratoris


    I should have mentioned that I use Avid and Tetrasan in a tank-mix formula (often with Orthene) and I have astounding results. I spray once every 7-10 days for three applications and that's it. Mites are a thing of the past. I also add 1/4 tsp per gal liquid soap for spreading. I understand...
  9. T. migratoris

    Touring America: what to see and do

    There's a very clean and reasonably priced Best Western in Goleta - near Santa Barbara. Cal Orchid is across the street from SBOE - very convenient. If you have time and like unique scenery, try to fit in a jaunt to Death Valley. There really is nothing like it anywhere in the world.
  10. T. migratoris

    Merit for scale?

    I use Merit 75 WP periodically for mealybug - it's extremely effective and much better on mealies than Orthene, for example. I use it as a foliar spray and I've never had any negative vegetative effects. Never used it for scale.
  11. T. migratoris

    Growers: How Are you Dealing With the Heat?

    I recently installed a Generac auto start generator for backup GH power. I bought the smallest one available - 8KW - and delivered it was just a hair over $2K. Came with a pre-wired transfer switch & great installation instructions; the battery was an extra $80 or so. Mine runs on natural gas...
  12. T. migratoris


    I like Avid and use it still, but principally because: a) I already own it; and b) the alternatives are way expensive. If I were out of Avid I'd switch to something else to avoid resistance.
  13. T. migratoris

    Mixed Drink Recipes

    I knew I'd like this thread ... Rye Old-Fashioned - my all-time favorite: 4 oz. good rye whiskey. Overholt is good; so is Wild Turkey 1/2 tsp or so Grand Marnier or Cointreau (don't use triple-sec) dash bitters. I like Peychaud's but Angostura works also. Be careful - a little goes a...
  14. T. migratoris

    Bulbo tingabarinum

    Despite being a healthy, growing plant mine's aborted spikes two years in a row. Any idea what would cause that?
  15. T. migratoris

    Rat Bastards

    I'm in the early stages of building a gh now & despite a ton of research not a single source mentioned mice & rats as a problem. Since it's not too late to modify the design ... any recommendations on how to prevent their access?
  16. T. migratoris

    Southland Orchid Show

    I was there as well. This was my first visit to the Southland show so I have nothing to compare it to, but the Huntington grounds & conservatory are worth the visit alone. The artwork in the gallery is amazing & the grounds are top notch. Only came home with a couple of plants - a Jumellea...
  17. T. migratoris


    You guys are going to hate me for this ... My oldest daughter just enrolled at UCSB - the University of California at Santa Barbara. The University is about five minutes from both Cal Orchids and Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, which are located literally across the street from one another...
  18. T. migratoris

    Candace’s wonderfully-unusual FCC Armeni White

    Wow. I'm an engineer - I do lines, grades & numbers which completely eliminates the need for artistic talent. I often wish I had the ability to interpret natural shapes & colors the way true artists can.
  19. T. migratoris

    Ultrasonic fogger

    I'm missing something. Where's the fogger itself? What's the water source?
  20. T. migratoris

    To all the people that have not gotten their plants from me yet.

    Not to worry folks. Blake sent all the plants I purchased & they're fine. Love the Paraphal by the way. The Aeranthes was in bud & bloomed on arrival. The Paraphal must have been a pain to pack (4-foot long leaves) but it arrived in great shape. No complaints Blake, & no mealies either...