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    "dying" plants to get different flower color

    Yes you can! I did a little search on the Internet and you can get the far cheaper than that. I order flowers online once in a while, artificial ones and real ones and you really have to be careful what you order and from whom. I'm not sure if I'd go on ebay again. I rather stay with mine.
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    What's fer dinner?

    I am making my specialty, eggplant parmigiana. It is my favorite. I am done dredging and frying the eggplant slices. The tomatoes are taking a lot of time because I use fresh tomatoes. I do not use those canned tomato paste or whatever. The kids are hungry, but the tomato still needs to sit...
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    Did I get it right, what you're trying to say is the people entering the captcha codes are actually doing some sort of "work" for free for the publishers of these old books and newspapers? I mean, instead of hiring someone to verify the characters, they instead send it out to the internet forums...
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    Now playing?

    I have had an exceptionally long week at the office just this past week. I am using the weekend to recharge and reenergize and be ready for the battle that resumes this monday. So I'm playing slow, soothing songs. But once the song got to Easy by The Commodores, I put itunes on repeat. this one...
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    The person below me game......

    true and false. I am always up early for work every day. but that's because I live far from my work place, and not because of smoke detector problems. In fact, I dont have smoke detectors in my unit. the person below me has a pet turtle named Bruno Mars and is having a hard time feeding the...