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    Lycaste groganii(E.Cooper1931)Kew

    Yellow and green with dark red spots,scense of cinnamon. Nice easy grower on te large side if you respect the winterrest on the dry side and plenty of water+fertilizer in growing season. Very tollerant in t°. Yves:wink: Lycaste aromatica x L.deppei Lycaste x groganii
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    Phragmipedium Andean Tears

    Exeptionally beautiful,great job. Yves
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    Phrag. Mountain Maid (flavum)

    Very nice bloom and sharp photo. Yves
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    Dendrobium eriiflorum(Griff.1851)KEW

    Lovely minisized orchid from Asia. Yves
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    Dendrobium trantuanii(Perner&X.N.Dang 2003)KEW

    Habitat North Vietnam,I/W growing,keep moist and reduce water during winter.Easy small sized grower. Delicate,waxy lilac flowers(1.5 inch),remain 6 weeks attractive on the plant. Mounted or pot growing. Yves
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    Dendrobium christyanum(Rchb.f.1882)Kew

    Synonym Dendrobium margaritaceum. Porcelain flowers and very pleasant fragrance. Flowers stay 3 weeks beautiful. Yves
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    Dendrobium parishii(Rchb.f.1863)Kew

    Wish to thank you all for the positive reactions. Thank you, Yves
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    Dendrobium parishii(Rchb.f.1863)Kew

    Now blooming,but for whatever reasons,fewer flowers this year. Light fragrant. Yves