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  1. KyushuCalanthe

    Sophronitis coccinea aurea ‘Masako Hanajima’ FCC/AOS

    Just for fun I dug up some old photos of plants I've seen at shows here in bygone days. Sorry for the image quality. The first is from the Fukuoka Orchid Expo 2006, and the next from the Tokyo Grand Prix 2010. Very different flowers.
  2. KyushuCalanthe

    Rats come in out of the rain

    Ouch, that looks painful! God forbid NYC ever really floods (yes, I know it has). The rats there will be gnawing on your calves!
  3. KyushuCalanthe

    Paph venustum alba

    Perfectly grown and flowered. I don't know why, but ever time I see the lip on this species I can't help but think of that horrible sci-fi flick, Mars Attacks!
  4. KyushuCalanthe

    a couple of phrags

    I'd call that a collection of phrags. Love the first 4 especially.
  5. KyushuCalanthe

    Goodyera repens

    Nice little jewels.
  6. KyushuCalanthe

    Sophronitis coccinea aurea ‘Masako Hanajima’ FCC/AOS

    The best one I've ever seen.
  7. KyushuCalanthe

    Maxillaria swartziana

    That's a cool little thing!
  8. KyushuCalanthe

    Paphiopedilum philippinense var roebelenii 'Coco' AM/AOC

    Fantastic. Those petals are divine.
  9. KyushuCalanthe

    Paphiopedilum armeniacum and X micranthum

    Patience... I've been there.
  10. KyushuCalanthe


    Much nicer petals this go around.
  11. KyushuCalanthe

    Paph Magic Lantern album

  12. KyushuCalanthe

    Rossioglossum grande 2022

    Both are lovely, though R. grande has the lip.
  13. KyushuCalanthe

    My love for Phragmipedia

    Wow! That is an incredible plant! Clearly you know how to keep her happy.
  14. KyushuCalanthe

    Ficus triangularis variegata with fruit!

    Ooo... fig sex... I think that goes beyond the boundaries of this forum, but by all means I'm all, uhh, ears?
  15. KyushuCalanthe

    charlesworthii fm. sandowiae (not FCC)

    No deliberate manipulation was implied. Very lovely flower.
  16. KyushuCalanthe

    Blc. Pamela Hetherington 'Coronation' FCC/AOS

    Must be big Catt season. Another stunner.