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  1. wolverine329

    Finally Paphiopedilum stonei in full bloom ... 5 FLOWERS!!!

    Your stonei looks majestic
  2. wolverine329

    Paphiopedilum supardii

    I really like supardii, did you grow yours Fromm seedling? 15 years is a long wait. I got a seedling for about 2 years now. Very slow growing
  3. wolverine329

    Paph dianthum - 5 spikes

    that is quite something
  4. wolverine329

    Paph. papuanum

    This is lovely
  5. wolverine329


    like fireworks, spectacular !
  6. wolverine329

    Paphiopedilum purpuratum

    I always tell myself if the plant didn't flower then the energy should have been reserved somewhere in the plant so I wish you a sturdy growth next season. I prefer short stemmed flower actually ,nice and compact. as long as it doesn't indication a serious problem to the plant's health
  7. wolverine329

    Paphiopedilum purpuratum

    i think the last few months temp ranges around 20-28 C. I grow it under T5 light, about 20cm away from the light tube. and where the plant is it gets occasionally morning sun. mine blasted last year on an immature growth, is it the same in your case?
  8. wolverine329

    Paphiopedilum purpuratum

    Hi all not the best of photography + colour and form. but this is the first flowering for me I am quite pleased with how it turns out. it has budded last year but blasted in sheath. the stem is way too short, anyone has any idea what causes short stem? the plant itself should be OK as...
  9. wolverine329

    Another stonei

    stonei is one of the most elegant paph in my opinion, yours is a good representation of it !
  10. wolverine329

    Paphiopedilum armeniacum

    Quite big bloom on that plant , very nice !
  11. wolverine329

    some Brachys

    That is heaven
  12. wolverine329

    Paph dianthum

  13. wolverine329

    Paph.Mem.Larry Heuer x delenatii

    this is really nice i want one! any chance to take a pic of the whole plant? I got a feeling the leaves must be very nicely patterned as well!
  14. wolverine329


    very nice plants, i particularly love the first one
  15. wolverine329

    Paph stonei

    nice flower, with reference to your niece in the picture we can see how big the flower is !
  16. wolverine329

    Paph. sangii

    Divine species, one of my favourite
  17. wolverine329

    Paph. godefroyae

    Nice bloom!
  18. wolverine329


    Nice marking and shape
  19. wolverine329

    Paph wardii "Royale" HCC/AOC

    Aw very nice plant , the Colour is just fantastic
  20. wolverine329

    paph mt toro x avalon mist

    It's not common to see an usual but nice colour in paph hybrid , And there you have it