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  1. Michael Bonda

    Florida Cold Spell

    Unusual for south Florida to get 4 days of low 30’s that require those of us who keep our collections in Pergolas on the lanai or open greenhouses to have to encase in plastic and use heaters. At least the cool growing orchids love it. Not complaining since no longer need a snow blower to get...
  2. Michael Bonda

    Phragmipedium les Varines

    Again. Spectacular
  3. Michael Bonda

    Phragmipedium les Varines

  4. Michael Bonda

    Phragmipedium Eric Young H.S. x QF Leina’ala

    First time bloom I like better than Saint Peter and Eric Young so I am pleased
  5. Michael Bonda

    Interesting Bulbophyllum in bloom

    Here’s a few pics of some of my interesting Bulbo in bloom that I am now obsessed with… B. Melting Point (rothschilianum x longissimum x fascinator) B. rothschilianum ‘Crystalle’s Ruby’ B. (Cirrhopetalum) longissimum
  6. Michael Bonda

    Phrag QF Red Wings x QF Kamakilo Tyler

    Personally I like the two parent plants better than the cross itself but I’ll except any slipper that blooms for me in the Florida heat
  7. Michael Bonda

    Phrag QF Red Wings x QF Kamakilo Tyler

    First time bloom Linage includes besseae x longifolium x sargentianum X kovachii
  8. Michael Bonda

    Vanda surviving crown rot

    I thought I would post this information since I was having difficulty finding the information on other sites. Unfortunately Hurricane Ian was very damaging to many of us here in Florida. My orchid collection took a hit and lost about 1/3 of my collection but home and humans all fine. Two Vandas...
  9. Michael Bonda

    hartwagi fma. baderi

    Species? What does fma. stand for/indicate? Thanks
  10. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. America ‘Purple Mountain Majesty' AM/AOS

    FYI…..all my USA ecuagenera have done well. The ones from Ecuador have not faired well in Florida heat.
  11. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. America ‘Purple Mountain Majesty' AM/AOS

    You certainly like the horned species. Mt. Meru Jackson’s is one of my favorites. Never had the two horned species.
  12. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. America ‘Purple Mountain Majesty' AM/AOS

    Spectacular blooms. Reminds me of Schroderae as well but obviously larger than and no kovachii in Schroderae.
  13. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. America ‘Purple Mountain Majesty' AM/AOS

    Do you also keep Chams? I have Panthers and Jacksons.
  14. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Professor Bream still in bloom

    Been blooming continuously since Feb 2021. Originally purchased from Ecuagenera in Florida. Compact plant compared to my Cardinale which I prefer.
  15. Michael Bonda

    Wanted In search of BS Phrag Carol Kanzer

    Thanks. I have been there once and have ordered from the website too. Will check out again. Cardinale is easier for me but I like a challenge.
  16. Michael Bonda

    Wanted In search of BS Phrag Carol Kanzer

    I am looking for an oldie but goodie. Phrag. pearcei x schlimi hybrid: Carol Kanzer Will settle for any schlimi or Sedenii hybrids that are similar Thank you representative photo of the flower:
  17. Michael Bonda

    Phragmipedium Elfin's Cover-up

    I like the long petals and size. Reminds me of Saint Peter except for color. Well done.
  18. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Calurum first time bloom

    I don’t get many Phrags to bloom at this time of year in the oppressive Florida heat. ‘Victoria Bagenet’ CCM/AOS longifoilium x Sedenii Originally from First flower with deformed dorsal but hoping for next flower with better shape. The color improved with keeping cooler...
  19. Michael Bonda

    Bulbophyllum digoelense in flower

    I have started to become obsessed with Bulbo. species. I thought I could never do it again after Phrags and Paphs. Little did I know……