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    Spiranthes lucida

    Cool. Where’d you get these from? A native plant society?
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    Fredclarkeara After Dark 'SVO Black Pearl' FCC/AOS

    I got this last March. Hopefully next year 4 spikes.
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    Orchids 2023

    GH = Green House/Greenhouse
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    Paphiopedilum vietnamense

    Sorry for the slight tangent, did delnatii or ho chi minh do well s/h? What other paphs did well for you s/h?
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    Paphiopedilum vietnamense

    Pretty. Any plans for the pollen?
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    2023 Paph Forum

    Interesting ridges
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    2023 Paph Forum

    Burgundy Blush
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    2023 Paph Forum

    Start a conversation with me and I’ll send you his email address. (ST won’t let me start a conversation with you)
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    2023 Paph Forum

    Can you email Jason Gebbia. He’ll get to access
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    2023 Paph Forum

    First morning pics
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    Slipper Orchid Grower and Professional Photographer

    Thanks! Love the Lovely Lynne.
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    Some slippers at the Apopka International Winter Orchid Festival

    Me too- but then I’d miss the PaphForum
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    Rats come in out of the rain

    Did they eat any slippers?
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    Sophronitis coccinea aurea ‘Masako Hanajima’ FCC/AOS

    Leslie- if your wine cooler maxes at 25C, what temperature range do you set for your apartment?
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    New kovachii cross

    Nice color
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    Hello from Va suburbs of Wash, DC.

    Welcome! I’m in VA also (10-15 minutes from Orchids For You; alas the owner passed last year). You should come to the Paph Forum:
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    2023 Paph Forum

    And your baby!
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    Wössner Black Wings

    nice dorsal!
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    Hi from Pennsylvania!

    Which part of PA? Near Philly?