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    Treating Boisduval Scale on buds

    Good Morning - I'm up to about 80 paphs now in fairly close quarters, I've got two fans that generate solid air flow. Nonetheless, I'm noticing a few isolated instances of the little white powdery demons. I'm familiar with what happens when it gets out of control....and so now I don't grow...
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    Moving Plants in Bud/Bloom

    I’ve always been hesitant to move anything to somewhere it can be appreciated before the bud has fully opened, and then only to a spot that has comparable light. I’m wondering if I’m being overly conservative. For example, I’ve got a P. Deena Nicol (philipenense x glanduliferum) that’s got 2...
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    LED lights and PAR w/ Paphs&Phrags

    I know this won't apply to a lot of people who use good ole sunlight.... I tried searching this site but the search functions rejects "LED lights PAR" and most variations thereof. So apologies if this info is already on the site - I tried. I use LED's exclusively for now. I think they're...
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    Question about a Roth Hybrid used in a Delrosi

    Just got a 4 fan Delrosi that looks like it's never bloomed. Tag doesn't say which delenatii was used, but the Roth was "Rex." Anyone familiar with that one? Hopefully its not know for being a reluctant bloomer.... It needs to be repotted so I'm going to do that and give it some time in my...
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    Why are hybrids more vigorous anyway?

    So I know from advice and experience that hybrids are generally easier to grow. I never wondered until recently exactly why that is. I know it has at least something to do with parents being chosen for both their aesthetics and their ease of growth. But if that's the only reason, it wouldn't...
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    How Expensive can Paphs get, and what drives the price up?

    The most I have seen online currently is around $1,000usd. If there are buyers willing to pay that based on photos, I have to imagine they’re willing to pay much more in person. So what is the current ceiling on what a Paph can cost? What are the primary factors? I’m guessing some...
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    Paph. woluwense

    Looking for one of the new remakes that will, you know, bloom.
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    Decisions on Tap Water vs Rain and fertilizer

    So I’ve been reading a good bit about all of the factors involved in nutrients and water chemistry, and more I dive into it the more confused I become! Some advice would be very much appreciated! What I am after is a fertilizer and water regimen that I can apply to all of my paphs and phrags -...
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    Favorite Parvi or Brachys Hybrid?

    Hi - long time reader, finally got around to registering so I can post. Many, many thanks for all the info I’ve found on here. I’ve been growing a few paphs for years, but for some reason in the last year I became totally, utterly (alarmingly? My wife says yes.) obsessed to the exclusion of...