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    Phrag schlimii albiflorum

    It looks like all my manzurii. Grows out instead of up! Easy to keep in the pot. I have 8-10 growth plants grown in the same pot for years whereas my schlimmiis grow stright up
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    Phrag schlimii albiflorum

    Reminds me of manzurii. I would like to see the whole plant
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    How's the weather?

    Up here in the high south we have yet to get over 80. Yesterday we never got to 60 (cloudy) nights are upper40s to highs low to mid 70s for the next 10 days. Never have ever needed cooling in greenhouse. Just natural air flow with one fan on 24/7. The phrags love it!
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    Red Phrag.

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    Red Phrag.

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    Phrag. Anthony Omeis

    One four growth plant
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    Phrag. Anthony Omeis

    It's from woodstream. Got a few as small seedlings. This is by far the fastest growing one
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    Phrag. Mem. Mariza Rolando

    Look below the first picture. Those are manzuri one open and one about to open.
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    Phrag. schlimii

    Not sure. My nose has stayed cloged up all winter. I can tell you it is about the size of a silver dollar.
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    How's the weather?

    Nice up here in the high south. Temps in the teens with 50 mph breeze from the northwest. It's a big weekend for the ski slopes
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    Phrag anguloi

    When will this cross be available in the US.
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    Phrag. schlimii x Cotton Candy

    Yes it is straight schlimii ultimate pink x cotton candy. And it has a slight sweet smell
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    Phrag. schlimii x Cotton Candy

    The cross is ultimate pink x cotton candy
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    any of you remember

    Do any of you long time growers remember a grower from Maine from around 1980 that advertised in AOS mag under the name North Star Greenhouse. The Reason I ask is he advertised a Phrag pearcei "polaris' which he claimed was a alba form. I remember contacting him about a division but it was very...
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    Led Zeppelin Lives?

    Take a listen to Jimmy Page's first choice for his vocalist, Terry Ried of The Terry Ried Group. He declined (only 17 years old at the time) but told Jimmy to check out the lead singer of Daddy Long Legs, Plant and you will see why he wanted Terry
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    Multiple Phrag manzurii spikes

    Growth habit (they grow in clumps rather than up) and the apple green color. But then again I have never seen one that looks like say schlimii with the small upward turned petals. Manzurii seem to be all about the same size flower,but if the one's who would know say they are a variety of...
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    Ackers Ballerina Always blooms at least twice a year for me
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    Phrag. Waunakee Sunset x fischeri This is my same cross done by Chuck Acker (if I am doing this picture thing right)
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    phrag manzurii 'Dreamscape'

    pictures This takes way to long to do
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    phrag manzurii 'Dreamscape'

    try again url=][/url] Maybe I will get it right someday