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    any of you remember

    Do any of you long time growers remember a grower from Maine from around 1980 that advertised in AOS mag under the name North Star Greenhouse. The Reason I ask is he advertised a Phrag pearcei "polaris' which he claimed was a alba form. I remember contacting him about a division but it was very...
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    Ackers Ballerina Always blooms at least twice a year for me
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    phrag manzurii 'Dreamscape'

    The largest and lightest one so far that I have raised
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    phrag Pink Panther 'Dreamscape'

    My best one so far
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    phrag schlimmii x manzurii compot

    I always grow my compots out to blooming size. They seem to establish much better and quicker for me
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    Phrag Silver Eagle 'Pink Frost' AM/AOS

    I am finally dividing at least 3 of my larger plants and will need to make room on my plant bench. You can see pictures from a post I made in March 2017. This clone seems to always has flowers on it. They will be priced at $100/division post paid to US destinations (first class USPS). There...
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    longifolium alba

    The flower was looking out the window before I turned it around for picture.Maybe the view was great. Not the weather. High of 10F and winds 30-50mph all day! But it finaly cleared out this afternoon That is Grandfather Mountain NC. Eastern Americas 2nd highest peak
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    Phrag Vampire Slayer

    From a flask from Chuck Acker. First to bloom and was always the largest from flask. They are all growing fast so I will have to get rid of a few of these this spring/summer
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    Phrag Silver Eagle 'Pink Frost' AM/AOS

    I seem to always have at least one in bloom all the time. Need to divide and repot a few this spring
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    My favorite of the early jungle collected plants 'Cow Hollow' II FCC/AOS. I always like species from their jungle habitats (maybe I imagine what it was like when this was first seen). The picture of both plants dose not do justice to the vibrant red This is an older cross Red Flame X...
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    Phrag Twilight Rocket Rising X Ackers Ballerina

    First time bloom seedling. Have a few more in spike as well as one more open side by side to compare
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    Phrag Will Chantry first bloom

    I really like any thing with klotzscheanum in it. This is first to bloom out of 6 I have
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    phrag Manzur la Aldea

    Best of the group so far. First time bloomer
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    phrag hartwegii forma baderi 5 spikes

    Love the size and growth habit of this plant. Easy grower for me
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    phrag eumelia aris

    One plant has three spikes. The other one
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    phrag hartwegii forma baderi

    Love the size and growth habit of this plant
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    phrag micropetalum group photo

    Sunday morning after their bath! I need to add a anguloi to complete (Etson) More shots below I have my doubts about this fischeri but tha's what the label says. I have a few more to compare to when they bloom I know the thinking is manzurii is a form of schlimii but all of my...
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    phrag longifolium album x manzuri

    First one to bloom from a flask I got from Chuck last winter. Plant is the size of a blooming size manzuri
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    and yet another wrongly named award

    What do you think. I think it is a nice piercei If any one is interested I have a pile of these that need dividing this spring. It is always in bloom. I like to trade
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    what might this be

    This is labeled as Phrag piercei v. ecuadorense 'Joan' HCC/AOS. It looks like one of the small forms of longifolium to me. Any of you guys have any info on this award?