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  1. mwong9440

    Phrag Hanne popow

    Second blooming, color intensified
  2. mwong9440

    Sequence of my third bloom bud to fully opened Incan Treasure

    is a 7+ inch bloom, not the best but my little unconform monster.
  3. mwong9440

    Your view point of hp pro mix on phrags

    I m relatively new to phrags, and been using hp pro mix on all my phrags. Some thrives in it like a weed n some not so well. Those grows like weeds, root ball is incredible n repotting made easy, bigger pot n fill with more mix.... What are your thoughts? I rescued a Jason...
  4. mwong9440

    The other two regular Maudie 6-8 weeks duration

    these two bloomed like normal periods. The one lasted 4 months has bigger leaf than rest
  5. mwong9440

    Vino lasted 4 months?

    Is normal this bloom lasted 4 months. Thought most lasted 6 weeks or so. A very big flower.
  6. mwong9440

    Phrag Incan Treasure

    First pic, second bloom 7+ inches spread. Second to fourth from first day to a week later