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    philippinense x delenatii

    Paph Delphi Lovely color!
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    Any paph. can find in Manado? My friend go there and hope to see some paph.
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    roths time begin

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    Some paph

    haynaldianum x chamberanium St. Swithin x rothschildianum "TC2"
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    Gloria Naugle

    Little deform of the dorsal! Last bloomed was 7 years ago!
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    A happy duck

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    I remember there was a thread about mericlone of delenatii blooming. Can anyone help to found out the thread? Thanks! Barry
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    Look like a giant hangianum

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    Paph Ho Chi Minh

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    My niveum

    Cannot focus on white flower by cellphone.
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    Wanted rothschildianum FCC photos

    I have try to search several rothschildanum FCC's photos. Did anyone has the below : 1. "Crystelle" 2. "Leo" 3. "Capricorn" 4. "Aries" 5. "Lauraleann" 6. "Beefsteak" 7. "Gigantic" And other question is there any F1 bloomed from these beautiful roths? Thanks! Barry
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    Lady Rothschild

    Two flowers only!:(
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    My little rothschildianum

    Photos were taken at different time and camera.
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    No ID

    Old photo bloomed at 2008 and it will rebloom on next month. Can any body help to indentify what is it?
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    No ID

    May be roths x St. Swithin or others!
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    Shin Yi Fireball

    Rebloom after several years with rod roots and small leaves.
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    kolopakingii x micranthum

    After 14 years from seedlings, it blooms with 3 flowers.
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    esquirolei album

    First bloom from seedlings.
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    No spot!