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    Neofinetia Soubiryu

    Very nice! I wish my neos would bloom, waiting on them.
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    Paphiopedilum violascens

    Peter that bloom color is stunning!
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    Thank you I will try to keep it dry now.
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    Bulbophyllum medusae

    I grow mine in the house in natural light - eastern exposure. The room gets cooler than the rest of the house at night. It is potted in LECA with a top dressing of New Zealand moss. It has bloomed for me reliably since I got it two years ago.
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    I really like both blooms. Thank you for sharing the photos.
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    I have had a large clump of P. niveum for two years, it has never bloomed. I grow it under fluorescent lights in in-door home conditions. What does it need to bloom?
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    Paph tranlienianum 'Minion #12' AM/AOS 2016

    Simply glorious. I am fond of the "odd" paphs. Good growing and blooming.
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    A Couple of Vini-color

    I have a special fondness for vini-colored flowers. I agree with ABAX, I like the creepy warts!
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    leucochilum album

    Lovely color and shape!
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    Three Cuties

    Well grown group, all my favorites.
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    Trisetella hoeijeri

    That was my first reaction also!
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    Which class? Paph Mary's Little Leopard

    Well done Peter. I adore the smaller growing paphs. For us indoor growers smaller paphs means we can grow more of them.
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    New list of Paphs.

    Hello Bob: I got my paphs from Peter last week. It helps to have a routine of checking web sites to see when something new is added. Also I'm not afraid of e-mailing to inquire about what is in the pipeline! It is good that shipping season has started.
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    Aerangis luteo-alba var rhodosticta

    Hello: Your posting with photo was responsible for me to purchase one of this species at the Cherry City Orchid Show yesterday. The flowers in your photo are lovely. I was able to get one with two bloom stems on it. I was puzzled by the plant being in a pot, most are grown mounted. When I...
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    Red and Orange Phal's

    Congratulations on the awards Peter.
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    Preparation for Transportation

    Thanks for the tip on the "wool". I'll have to start saving that packaging material for re-use.
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    Paph. delenatii

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    I feel like a thief :-)

    It was good seeing a photo of you along with the complex paphs, it is nice being able to put a face with a name. "You snooze, you lose", is the motto I go by regarding orchid and garage sales. Get there when they open, by noon all the good stuff is gone. Donna sounds like a very good...
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    Mini Phal

    Hello: I also have this NoID, I agree it is quite charming. I have no idea of what the name is on this, but I keep it because it is cute.
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    Paphiopedilum Franz Glanz

    Beautiful color. That's another one that is now on my wish list.