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    Rotten leaf?

    Not sure is this fellow giving me floweringbud or it's just blasted.
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    Dragon blood

    Hi Anyone have a spare bottle of Dragon blood for sale? i am based in Singapore. Many thanks Banedict
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    barbigerum f. aureum 'Green Delight'

    from Sam orchid inn?
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    seeking for flask

    Thanks Matt i had already contacted them on the matter. they only have the paph trigrinum. nevertheless thank you for your kind help. Ban
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    seeking for flask

    Hi Troy Thank your reply, i am based in Sunny Singapore. Many thank ban
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    seeking for flask

    Dear good folks of slippertalk, i am looking for flask of these few species a) heleane f areum b) tirgrium c) herrmanii d) charlesworthii f.sandowie i need a basis phoyto cert Many thanks ban