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  1. newbud

    At the Atlanta Spring Show

    Hi all. Arrive here yesterday with my friend Roy and rekindled some old friendships from the Atlanta Orchid Society. I wasn't the only one who had lost a loved one over the last few years so it was a time of mixed feelings. It was so good to see my old friends and make some new ones. One was...
  2. newbud

    Pk advice.

    Hi all. I don't know if this is a repeat question or not but I want to get a little more clarity. I got a flask of these from out west and they recommend starting the little babies out in compots of sphag. Glenn Decker recommends a brew of small to med. bark chips with charcoal, pearlite and...
  3. newbud

    Phrag problem

    Hi guys - Sorry I haven't posted in a while. No good excuse so I won't try and bs ya. My P. Fritz Schomberg has got this black creepy stuff going on with the leaves and bracts. Is this a problem for physan 20 disinfectant or similar? Should I let it run it's course or go ahead and cut it out?
  4. newbud

    Besseae art photo

    Besseae by Jacknet1, on Flickr
  5. newbud

    Some Paphs from the At. meeting on Mon.

    First up is Paph. hennisianum: Paphiopedilum by Jacknet1, on Flickr next is Paph. appletonianum: Paphiopedilum by Jacknet1, on Flickr and last is Paph. haynaldianum: DSC_2099 by Jacknet1, on Flickr These paph's took a couple ribbons on Monday and I believe all 3 were...
  6. newbud

    C&[email protected] Carolina show

    If you haven't already seen it I thought I'd share Carter and Holmes's display at the South Carolina show this weekend. Since it was on FaceBook I didn't thnk it was a copyright infringement. I'll probably hear otherwise from somebody. c&[email protected] by Jacknet1, on Flickr
  7. newbud

    Paph. MacBeth's Ghost

    Sorry I haven't had much activity with my slippers lately. Must be a slow time of the year, at least for me. Here's my first bloom in a long time. I've been using K-lite on these for awhile and really like the results. Hope you like my hybrid. DSC_1819 by Jacknet1, on Flickr In case you...
  8. newbud

    Competition for NYEric...

    Miscellaneous stuff: Sorry I haven't posted much lately fellow Slippers. Ever since I officially retired I've been busier than when I worked. :-) The first big thing was finding room for all my outside orchids when it got cold which was about a month ago here in the North Georgia/SE Tn...
  9. newbud

    Middle Tn. Orchid Show

    A little late but better late than never. Middle Tn. Orchid Show
  10. newbud

    Phal. Bellina

    I don't know if it's from seed or cloned, unfortunately. The hired help didn't know. I'll have to do some deeper investigating and get back to you all. Sorry. Here's side for the lip view: Another view: Whole plant from behind:
  11. newbud

    Atlanta OS auction

    I lucked up Monday night at the Atlanta Orchid Society Auction. It was ran by Steve and Greg from Keiki Pro There were hundreds of plants available but the way these folks were bidding it was hard to pick up anything at a decent price but there was two that I had to have and I went all out to...
  12. newbud

    Atlanta Judging Saturday

    Here are the results of the judging this last w/e. Don't forget these are all provisional awards. Prosthechea mejia Phrag. Barbara Le Ann Catasetum Jumbo Dream Cattleya Brahantiae Bulb. mirum Bulb. mirum Bulb. aestivale Bulb. aestivale Bulb. micholitzii Acianthera...
  13. newbud

    I love my Honey, P. that is...

    Recent acquisition from O.B. Paph. Honey (primulinum 'Joe Gordy' X phillippinense 'alba') Well I said I love her: Here's a couple of my Paph. Grayi 'HOF' X Paph. primulinum also a recent acquisition and bloomer.
  14. newbud

    Wildflower save or "The small town weedwackers".

    I live in a small town. Pop. 289. But we do have paved roads. And along side one of these paved roads near my house I have been watching this beautiful little wild flower. It looks kinda like an orchid to me. :dontknow: There was this pink variety and then this year a white appeared...
  15. newbud

    Paph. Rene's Doll

    Does anyone have any experience with this grex? I couldn't find any info through the ST search engine. Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' x rothschildianum are parents. This is all I have for a pic. An ebay ad photo with the parents and the actual plant I bought. She says it's a division and it...
  16. newbud

    Help for my friend; I have the pics...

    Here's what she's asking: Got this rascal 2 yrs ago, had a great spike, which I promptly broke off after bring home. So I have been patiently waiting for an actual bloom. Well what is this looks like a keiki, but never saw a paph with a keiki... the spike is fuzzy like a regular flower...
  17. newbud

    Need your opinion please; P. sanderianum

    Received today, and when I was unpacking the plant practically fell out of the pot. It was all black around the top of the roots and loose. I noticed it was real loose so I laid it over and dumped out the media, slowly, very carefully. When I got the plant out the roots were all black and there...
  18. newbud

    Auction in Atlanta tomorrow

    One of our society members puts on an orchid auction every year and I believe it's open to anyone. You can sell and buy. It's pot luck and there is a pool to beat the heat. I'm told that at the end of the day you can get some really good deals. PM me if you want details.
  19. newbud

    A visit to Leiper's Fork, Tn.

    In this sleepy little hamlet in central/west Tennessee lives one of us. I don't know if he wants his name used but we all know from the town who he is. His greenhouse isn't large but it's packed with all the right equipment to give orchids what they need. And flourish they do. Here are some...
  20. newbud

    besseae Pollination?

    I've had two blooms off my new besseae and I am wanting to try and pollinate it. I have a third bloom on the way and have studied the other two when they fell off. I know at this point the pollen is pretty well had it. First thing I did was remove the what? But I tried to find where it...