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  1. incharm

    A few selected In-Charm Gold

    In-Charm Gold = Emerald Magic x helenae
  2. incharm

    Paph. Winifred Hollington

    (callosum x niveum) This cross was registered more than one hundred years ago. But always worth to remake.
  3. incharm

    Paph. (S. Gratrix x anitum)

    Happy with its colour
  4. incharm

    Paph. Magic Lantern

    This is delenatii fma. album x micranthum fma. album. No true album form came out. But the results of very light pink is also a happy suprise.
  5. incharm

    Paph. concolor fma. album

    This concolor album is selected from a sibling cross I made. Both of mother plants are bought from Thailand. For concolor, more sunshine make it more yellow.
  6. incharm

    Paph. Yellow Tiger

    Paph. Yellow Tiger = stonei x glanduliforum I think this clone had gotten the good characters of both parents, and the flower size is also bigger than parents, DS 5 cm.
  7. incharm

    Paph. God's Lady

    Paph. God's Lady Lady Isabel x leucochilum This is a selected clone from seedlings I made.
  8. incharm

    Paph. Lebeau

    Lebeau = Transvaal x rothschildianum. I like the red pouch and wide dorsal, about 6.5cm. Originally it was come from Japan more than 20 years ago. I think this one is Vanguard's Lebeau. In the past, I think vanguard, Transvaal and Transdool were mixed. Because their Cochlopetalum mothers were...
  9. incharm

    Paph. (Vanguard x henryanum)

    Bloomed this (Vanguard x henryanum) in three years deflasking. Plant is still small, about 20cm more of leaf length. Should be bigger and more flower per spike in the future.
  10. incharm

    Paph. Wossner China Moon

    4 spikes of Wossner China Moon. Flower size 12.5 cm NS. Didn't repot for long time. Wish will be bigger after repotting.
  11. incharm

    Paph. In-Charm Helen (In-Charm Lady x helenae)

    These are Paph. (In-Charm Lady x helenae). I named this cross Paph. In-Charm Helen. Because I personally don't like the big size of the multiflora plant, so that I like to use helenae for breeding. My wish is to make a compact multiflora plant with colorful flowers, and of course, should be easy...
  12. incharm

    In-Charm Gold

    Three selected Paph. In-Charm Gold (Emerald Magic x helenae). Bright yellow and compact plant size.
  13. incharm

    Paph. jackii

    I think these two jackii are good form.
  14. incharm

    Paph. (Mount Toro x stonei) album

    This is Mount Toro fma. album crossed back its mother stonei fma. album 'Formosa'. I'm happy to the flat dorsal. First Bloomberg with four flowers.
  15. incharm

    Paphiopedilum micranthum var. eburneum

    Two of eburneum