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  1. Weldon's Landing

    Phrag Prima Donna

    I bought this several years ago at a show and almost killed it a few times along the way, but fortunately it didn't hold a grudge! (Waunakee Sunset x czerwiakowianum)
  2. Weldon's Landing

    Paph. Fanaticum x rothschildianum

    This is a first bloom seedling for me, I bought it a few years ago from Orchid Inn. I am curious if anyone else has bloomed this?
  3. Weldon's Landing

    Some of my favorite things

    Admittedly, I love slipper orchids, but when I see a long petaled RED phrag. I tend to get a little weak in the knees and black out. Next thing I know my billfold is empty and there's another one in the greenhouse. Not that I'm complaining.... 1. Phrag Supper Rubies 2. Phrag Red Baron 'Snoopy's...
  4. Weldon's Landing

    Nice to meet you

    Hi, I've been growing orchids for close to fifteen years and enjoy growing all types, but have noticed that Paphs and Phrags represent nearly 70% of my collection. I have a small attached greenhouse, I still use my light cart and use one window in the house for orchid growing (yeah, I have it...