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    18. Paph Supreme Lady (kolopakingii var topperi “Jamboree” x gigantifolium “Dark Warrior”

    It's taken 10 years to get this to bloom for the first time. But it's huge!! The spike alone is well over a metre high and still going! 6 flowers, so looking for 7-8 next time!! Gary UK
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    Chiu Hua Dancer (sanderianum ‘Flamingo Dance’ x gigantifolium ‘Dark Warrior’)

    A bit slow growing but getting stronger. Gary UK DSCF4655 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr DSCF4659 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr
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    Paph fairrieanum

    The largest by far of seedlings I deflasked a few years ago. It is also the last to bloom but think this the best flower the flask has produced. From In Charm “HLS” x sib “NaeShan” Gary UK DSCF4337 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr DSCF4333 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr DSCF4331 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr
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    Paph Death Star x anitum “Hsiao”

    Hi all, This is a first time bloom for me around 3 years out of flask from In Charm. Not really had any idea what to expect so was looking for opinions both good or bad. I do like the colours but not sure about the expected form and whether this may change on future blooms. The plant is very...
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    Paph Michael Koopowitz

    A cross of philippinense "Daya Twister" x sanderianum "Dr Lee" and raised this from flask around 2012 from In Charm. Has flowered for me before but managed to get it to multispike this time. Gary UK DSCF4219 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr DSCF4216 by Gary Dobbs, on Flickr
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    A few Summer Blooms

    A few in bloom but no shows until September. Will they last!! The David Ott had 2 spikes & 6 flowers last time and only just missed out on a RHS award. Now 3 spikes and 11 flowers and a massive plant with over 14 growths. The Lady Isabel “In Charm” has come out better than I expected and the...
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    Inocucor Garden Solution

    Hi All, After reading very positive feedback on the above, does anyone know when or if this product is available in the UK or Europe. Thanks Gary UK
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    anitum pollen

    Hi all, It may be a long shot, but I am after some high quality anitum pollen which I can apply to a quality rothschildianum which is coming into spike. PM me please if anyone can help. Thanks Gary UK
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    A few in bloom

    Paph Angel Hair. " more mature growths so would be good with multispikes. Paph Michael Koopowitz Paph Lady Isabel x lowii Paph David Ott Paph haynaldianum Gary UK
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    Phrag kovachii

    All, I have been growing this plant now for a good 5 years. Since I changed it to basket culture with a mix of orchiata and sphag. moss, it has taken off. It had a mature growth a year ago, grew a sheath but nothing else. It now has a fully mature growth, thrown another sheath but has sat...
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    A few multis in bloom.

    Hi All, All seem to come together but no shows which is typical. They won't last until there is one so will enjoy for a few weeks. Have waited 4 years for the Paph Angel Hair of which I am still doubtful about the bloom. Does'nt seem enough sanderianum influence for me, more roth. Very nice...
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    Chui Hua Dancer flask.

    On a recent visit to the Malvern Show in the UK, one of Europe,s largest orchids shows, purchased this flask which was on In Charm's stand. Managed to acquire a full size plant from Sam a couple of years ago and it's just in bud, so this flask was a surprise purchase. Listed as sanderianum 2015...
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    Paph ID needed

    Hi All, I've waited 4 years for this plant to mature and it was labelled "Angel Hair". I bought it privately so it was a risk. However, it has a further 3 growths approaching maturity and this has produced 4 very large flowers which I will post later. Right, now looking for your opinions...
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    Paph David Ott

    Hi All, A very big plant of over 12 growths. It has flowered for me 3 times but normally only a single spike and with 2 flowers. Think I'm getting there with it. Achieved an award of merit at one of Europes largest orchid events at Malvern in the UK, so pleased with that and was entered for...
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    Paph haynaldianum

    One of Sam,s plants that is getting to be specimen size. Now has several good growths and hopefully soon will multispike. "Orchid Inn x Jeannie" Gary UK
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    Adductum Anitum advice

    Hi all, I purchased a couple of flasks of each of the above just under a year ago and they seem to have done very well. I haven't yet lost a seedling. They have progressed through our winter period with the supplementation of light and a heatmat. I have fed every couple of days as the medium...
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    Paph Michael Koopowitz

    A cross of philippinense "Daya Twister" x sanderianum "Dr Lee". I acquired these seedlings about 4 years ago from In Charm when they were at Peterborough. They have taken a while to mature but pleased with the first bloom of 4 flowers. Love the shape and colour and 2 new growths. I have 4 more...
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    Feed adjustments.

    Hi All. I'm always experimenting on my mainly multifloral paph collection. I mainly keep to feeding my Akerne feed, 13-3-15-7-2 normally around once a week at around 400 u/S strength. My seedlings get watered every other day at around 100 u/S. I use RO water and grow in orchiata with added...
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    St Swithin

    One of Sam's plants I bought a while ago. The flowers are huge and are nicely spaced apart on a strong stem around 70 cm in height. A plant that is growing fast and should be good in a few years with multiple growths. Gary UK
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    New seedlings

    After a good search finally got hold of 3 flasks I've been after for a while. At one of the biggest shows in the UK, my order of Paph randsii, paph adductum and paph anitum finally arrived. Can say that I'm very pleased with all the flasks and have now potted them up in small orchiata after a...