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    Cattleya Ophir

    This is a Chadwick division of Cattlrya Ophir. This cross of xanthina x dowiana was first made around 1900 and remade by Art Chadwick in the 1990s. If you have the second edition of the Chadwicks' "Classic Cattleyas," you can find a photo on the back cover. Hoping this opens up a bit more.
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    Cattleya Overgrowth Option

    Hello, A couple of months ago, I learned about some great presentations on the Odom's Orchids YouTube page. Keith Davis had some interesting observations and tips about cattleyas in his three videos. He discussed dealing with an overgrown cattleya by attaching a smaller pot filled with media to...
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    NOID Cattleya hybrid

    Maybe some skinneri in the background?
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    Phrag. Mont Fallu x Grande

    A plant I mistakenly divided several years ago. The bud blasted last summer during a particularly hot period.
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    Orchids in Costa Rica

    A few orchids seen in the wild in Costa Rica last week: the Spanish flask orchids = Epidendrum radicans the one day orchid = Sobralia sp.
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    Slipper Orchid in Costa Rica

    I saw this phrag. in Costa Rica last week at the base of the volcano in Arenal. Not sure of the species.
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    Dr. Bronners Peppermint Soap

    I recently tried the Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap, rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol and water formula listed on the Kelley's Korner website (Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Liquid Soap). I am quite impressed how well it has treated a minor emergence of scale. Highly recommended! Steve
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    Phragmipedium Nicholle Tower

    I purchased this in the summer. Two more flowers are coming. I have been very satisfied growing my phrags in tree fern.
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    Greetings From Concord, MA

    Hello, Yes, we have our national park and also two prisons in Concord. My name is Steve and I have grown orchids for about 25 years. After periodic moves, I have finally settled into a good routine of moving plants outside in the late spring and bringing them back inside into a...
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    Phrag. Professor Braem?

    Hello, I was given this orchid after helping Ivan from Equagenera unpack before the start of the Massachusetts Orchid Society show in October. Based on the photos, I am finding it hard to believe that my plant has even a hint of longifolium in its background. Maybe Hanne Popow? Not the best...
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    D. Bougainville x spectabile

    These are photos from a plant purchased from H&R several months ago. Bougainville is a cross of Dendrobium johnsoniae and bigibbum. I was hoping for a little more latouria influence, but other examples suggest that phalaenopsis dendrobium genetics are dominant. The Bougainville photo on the H&R...
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    Doritis pulcherrilum ?

    Hello, A couple of years ago, I purchased what I believed was a doritis cross (pulcherrima '#1' x pulcherrmia '#2') from Carter and Holmes. I have included a picture of the plant. The leaves are thick and stiff and lead me to wonder if this plant has psychosis in its background. Has anyone seen...
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    Mystery Encyclia

    The tag says "Encyclia aenicta," but I have strong doubts.