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  1. Mark Sullivan

    Phragmipedium kovachi Conservation Peru

    Phragmipedium kovachi Conservation Abra Patricia Protected Area, ECOAN, Peru Link to the full beginning proposal by ECOAN: The writer speak and writes English as a second language. I would be happy to pass on to ECOAN any...
  2. Mark Sullivan

    Endangered, Threaten, Etc - IUCN Red List Categories

    Here are the IUCN Red List Categories and definitions of Endangered. I don't know if anyone at Slippertalk is interesting in categorizing slipper orchid. WE can definitely incorporate what the Red List already has. Maybe a possibility of cloud sourcing what is threaten and endangered? There has...
  3. Mark Sullivan

    Slipper Orchid Conservation Classification

    CITES lump classifies Phragmipedium and Paphiopedilum species as Appendix I and all other Orchid species (Cypripedium) as Appendix II Admittedly this all seems hastily done and not based on science. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is...
  4. Mark Sullivan

    Orchid Conservation

    The Orchid Conservation Coalition has started a new initiative to document and bring stories of orchid habitat loss, preservation and restoration to the orchid growing community and the public. The first seven orchid conservation stories can be seen at...