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  1. bigleaf

    Phrag Don Wimber

    CA618 Phrag Don Wimber 4n (Eric Young X besseae)
  2. bigleaf

    Paphiopedilum Vanguard

    Hi everyone. I haven't posted here for a while. Is there an easy to way to post picture with my phone, like Tapatalk ? Sharing a photo of this Paph Vanguard (moquettianum 'Pine Knot' X rothschildianum) Bought it as a seedling from Carter and Holmes on November 2010, CH9021. Almost 10 year...
  3. bigleaf

    Paphiopedilum Fanaticum x Paphiopedilum armeniacum

    Paphiopedilum Latoya ?? Paphiopedilum Fanaticum x Paphiopedilum armeniacum
  4. bigleaf

    Paphiopedilum Wossner Black Wings

    Paphiopedilum Wossner Black Wings, cross number HJ207 (rothschildianum 'HJ#4' X anitum 'Shih-Yueh' SM/TPS 4 flowers) My very own Paphiopedilum Wossner Black Wings. My understanding is that it is common to see Paph anitum hybrid to have 2 flowers on first bloom. Also I had this in a 4 inch pot...
  5. bigleaf

    Paphiopedilum Yang-Ji Diamond

    Paphiopedilum Yang-Ji Diamond First bloom seedling.
  6. bigleaf

    Phragmipedium Fritz Schomburg

    Phrag Fritz Schomburg This was a gift from Long. It traveled from Florida and then it bloomed again. Yay.
  7. bigleaf

    Paphiopedilum (Lady Rothschild x gigantifolium)

    Paphiopedilum (Lady Rothschild x gigantifolium)
  8. bigleaf

    Paphiopedilum appletonianum

    First time blooming this species. I like that just about every plant is flowering - very good percentage - almost phalaenopsis like. :)
  9. bigleaf

    Paphiopedilum sanderianum from C&H

    Paphiopedilum sanderianum I am thrilled to find this plant flowering with long petals, 24 inches (2 feet) and petal may still be growing. Although after I took these photos, I was moving this plant to another location where I am least likely to disturb it. In the process of moving this...
  10. bigleaf

    Paphiopedilum volonteanum

    Paphiopedilum volonteanum - I like this flower a lot. New to me. First time flowering it.
  11. bigleaf

    Paphiopedilum anitum and malipoense

    Paphiopedilum anitum and Paphiopedilum malipoense First bloom on these
  12. bigleaf

    Blooming Phalaenopsis 2018-04-08

    Blooming Phalaenopsis 2018-04-08 Phalaenopsis Pylo's Fox 180408 - this one is closer to my goal of waxy red - red color from Phalaenopsis Ld's Bear King and waxy texture from Phalaenopsis pulchra Phalaenopsis Pylo's Dragon Phalaenopsis Pylo's Princess Phalaenopsis Zheng Min...
  13. bigleaf

    Paphiopedilum lowii

    Paphiopedilum lowii I have this for a few years now. I like its color. It's still in 3.5 inch pot. Maybe this year I will repot it and hope to see an increase in flower count. It seems to bloom consistently every year. Or maybe I need a better Paphiopedilum lowii that will produce more...
  14. bigleaf

    Paphiopedilum anitum

    Paphiopedilum anitum First bloom in a 3.5 inch pot I have one more plant in bud to flower soon The two larger plants that bloomed last year did not flower this year. Looks like new growth is taking more than a year to mature.
  15. bigleaf

    Blooming Phalaenopsis and 1 Paph from 2018-03-25

    Blooming plants from 2018-03-25 Phalaenopsis Pylo's Sun '#3' Phalaenopsis KS Super Zebra 'Yung Ho' Phalaenopsis Zheng Min Quetzalcoatlus H456 Phalaenopsis Germaine Vincent G541 (using indigo violacea) Phalaenopsis equestris Phalaenopsis Ld's Bear King 'RK-4'...
  16. bigleaf

    Blooming Phalaenopsis and 1 Paph from 2018-03-13

    Blooming Phalaenopsis and 1 Paph from 2018-03-13 Phalaenopsis Miro Sun 'Jen-1' (left) and Phalaenopsis Zheng Min Quetzalcoatlus (right) Phalaenopsis Lioulin Black Spots Paphiopedilum (Wossner Black Wings 'Chouyi' GM/TPS/TOGA X Lady Rothschild 'Chouyi High') Phalaenopsis...
  17. bigleaf

    Paph (Johanna Burkhardt x rothschildianum)

    Paph (Johanna Burkhardt '#43-6.2cm' X rothschildianum 'Chang's Select') Has this cross been named?
  18. bigleaf

    Phalaenopsis Pylo's Dynamite

    My new registered hybrid Phalaenopsis Pylo's Dynamite (Natasha 'Maple Bridge' HCC/AOS X Joy Spring Canary 'Nancy' HCC/AOS) Parents
  19. bigleaf

    Phalaenopsis Pylo's Sun

    This is my hybrid, Phalaenopsis Pylo's Sun (Mituo Sun X KS Super Zebra 'Peter Lin') - 2 different seedlings, first bloom. One flower is waxy so color looks better to me. I am keeping them for another year to see which one I like better. Parents
  20. bigleaf

    Paph Wossner Black Wings x Lady Rothschild

    Love the wild dorsal sepal. 6 cm. Has potential for first bloom in a 4 inch pot.