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  1. jlosaw

    Paph Night Leopard (Berenice × haynaldianum)

    Resistered by Hadley originated from H.Burkhardt is what the RHS says. Took it to judging last week and it was passed over. I think Hadley had one awarded a few years ago. I like it.
  2. jlosaw

    gratrixianum, Humoresque, and St. Swithin

    Just added some new division last night. Everything starts at .99 cents. gratrixianum 'Shan' Paphiopedilum Humoresque 'Green Giant' Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin
  3. jlosaw

    Paphiopedilum Betty Bracey 'Meadow Lark'

    Selling a 3 growth division of Betty. Repotted earlier this month. Strong root system. BIN @ $75 but can do $65+shipping for this community. See pics here.
  4. jlosaw

    Awarded Neofinetia falcata division for trade

    Looking to trade a recent division of my awarded neo. This plant has a fun history. It was originally acquired from Napa Valley Orchids in 2007 when I was visiting there while working for a NASCAR team. I ended up bringing it onto the pit box for samurai orchid good luck and it was actually...
  5. jlosaw

    Paph Houghtoniae

    Wanted to share a pic of my Houghtoniae. Purchased as a seedling from the Orchid Inn at the WOC in Miami in 2008. Maybe the second or third time I have seen it bloom. They take forever! Pretty happy with it. Has since put up a second flower on the same spike.
  6. jlosaw


    I just noticed this gunk? growing on some aerial roots in my gh. So far not affecting slippers but a vanda and Cattleya that are on mounts or hanging baskets. Any idea what this is? It feels fuzzy to the touch and does seem to scrape off with a fingernail. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. jlosaw

    Is it a goner?

    Hi All... Found this guy in my greenhouse has developed some rot. Removed it from growing area to evaluate. I’ve been reading about Dragons Blood and some other remedies on here. Is it worth chasing it, or ship it to compost? Thanks. Jeremy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk