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  1. Elite Orchids

    Kiwi bark or Orchiata Bark ??

    We are no longer able to get Orchiata bark in the UK. What are peoples experience of Kiwi Bark? Any tips/hints or experience you can share? thanks
  2. Elite Orchids

    Paph sangii

    Hi, I wondered if anyone has seen these brown markings before on the leaves and can explain what is going on? It is Paph sangii, it is growing along side similar species that can be tricky and they are all quite happy. i have had it for 5 years and it slowly grows, it has a couple of roots...
  3. Elite Orchids

    Paphiopedilum Rolfei

    pleased with this, though the flower dropped of early.
  4. Elite Orchids

    Phragmipedium Vingtaine de Nord EY6520

    really pleased with the colour on this.
  5. Elite Orchids

    Paphiopedilum Leucochilum 'Mr Chen'

    Pleased with these clones - does anyone know what causes the small indentations on the lower petals?
  6. Elite Orchids

    sanderianum marks on the leaves

    i grow my sanderianums in quite bright, but a couple of them have developed marks on the leaves like this - any idea what causes this and what the rememdy is? thanks
  7. Elite Orchids

    Phragmipedium Nicole Tower

    Pleased with this - the 1st flower was deformed, but the rest have been ok.
  8. Elite Orchids

    Phragmipedium Memoria Emma Decker

    Pleased with these plants - really strong growths. Flower has been out for 3 days and no reflexing yet!
  9. Elite Orchids

    Paphiopedilum surpardii

    It only has 3 flowers on a 2 growth plant - is it worth selfing? What do people think of the flowers? thanks
  10. Elite Orchids

    Phragmipedium La Hougette ‘Milton’

    One of my favorites - nice to have 4 flowers out on 2 spikes, so thought i'd grab a picture
  11. Elite Orchids

    Phragmipedium Don Wimber ‘Remembrance’

    Thought i'd share some of our Phrags in flower at the moment.
  12. Elite Orchids

    "Bayers" - Baby Bio wipes

    I have used Baby bio wipes to keep the leaves of various orchids clean, but I have noticed that it says in the instructions that they should NOT be used on the underside of the leaves. Does anybody know why? Does anyone have experience of these plant wipes? Thanks