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  1. Babybloomer

    Unidentified Eria??

    Hi I've had this plant for over 20 years and this is the first time it's flowered. Eria sp. Possibly. Any ideas? I put it outside in the cold glasshouse over winter (down to 7 deg) and that must have done the trick. Dont think it was really worth the wait though☹️
  2. Babybloomer

    Phragmipedium dalessandroi ('Fox Valley' x self)

    Seedling first flowering
  3. Babybloomer

    Dendrobium speciosum

    In August 2020 on my driveway.
  4. Babybloomer

    Unknown Dendrobium

    Hi, I need some help identifying this Dendrobium. Bought a flask that was supposed to be Den. glomeratum and this is what it turned out to be. Any suggestions, apart from the fact I've been ripped off. Cheers Thanx in advance
  5. Babybloomer

    First Paph flower-delenatii

    This is my first flower since I started adding Paphs to my collection. Bought it as an advanced seedling about 8 months ago.
  6. Babybloomer

    Hi from near Sydney, Australia

    Have been growing orchids of and on for the last 30 years and have now retired at the age of 59. Getting my 3.5m x 4m unheated glass-house sorted and my plants rejuvenated. Just installed heating to keep a winter minimum of 14deg.C. In the past have grown mainly Dendrobiums, and Pleurothallids...