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    OZ flask list including kovachii

    orders: [email protected] We have a new batch of flasks. One highlight is that we now have seedlings of kovachii "Leonardo Andre" FCC/AOS X self for sale. kovachii in flask are tricky, and we have expended quite a bit of effort to make this successful. One note: I suspect that the...
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    Tokyo Dome Pictures

    For those interested, I've posted a bunch of photos from the Tokyo Dome show on the Facebook page of The Orchid Zone. They are in no particular order. Paphs are towards the end.
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    Complex: Guess the cross

    Here is a first bloom of Icy Icy Wind X species. I am very pleased with the novel look. Guess the cross. (actually guess parent #2)
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    kovachii "Big Boy"

    Never fails to amaze. Just opened. Probably 4N. I've posted this one a few times here, FB, website. Sometimes, it shows deformation, but not this year! Plant is already holding pods. Would love to cross it to a kovachii with somewhat more intense color...
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    A rarity

    Guess the genus and species. (Before searching!!!!) This is not my plant. At the nursery of a friend.
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    OZ pricelist

    I have posted a price list on the OZ webpage. If there is sufficient interest, I can provide discount based on ST group order total. If you don't want to order, it is worth a look for the pics. Also, I prefer correspondence by e-mail rather than PM or FB...
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    OZ highlight photos

    I've posted a collage of some of our most interesting and beautiful flowers over approx the last year. See my website link below. On my PC I can enlarge this isolated picture simply by clicking. I would be interested for STers to tell me their favorite(s). In terms of FB likes, the...
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    Another Fritz

    Inspired by and not to be outdone by Eron :) This just opened and it will lighten. Color really depends a lot on our growing conditions. This year many of our breeding lines have come out darker. It did open during a cool spell.
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    OZ roths

    Given all the roth discussion, I've posted some pictures of some of the nicer roths that have come out this year. See my FB page. Two different dates. These represent about 6 grexes. More to come. Labels Top line: NS, DSW, PW Second line: Grex, growths Right hand side: Flower/bud...
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    Live from Tokyo

    I posted a large number of pictures from the Tokyo Dome JGP show. See link at bottom. As usual some amazing stuff. They are in no particular order as I was rushing around to avoid the enormous crowds just as it was opening for the day. Once the crowds arrive, it is difficult to walk...
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    Pacific Shamrock

    This is a new sib cross. So pretty he spent time in the greenhouse and the parking lot. JC
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    Spotted Paphs

    Spotted season is here. Yellow petals from Duerbusch. Red petals from OZ breeding. I love them both!
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    OZ Holiday Paph + 1 kovachii

    Let me know your favorite. :) All these are making progeny, have been sold, or both. kovachii: if you make it to the parking lot for a pic (for accurate color), that means you rate. The flower was super flat for one day. Better than super flat for zero days! All of this is OZ breeding...
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    A few schlimiis

    Here is a schlimii that popped up. I am guessing it is tetraploid. Leaves much bigger also. If it is 4N then it is spontaneous. (OZ has bloomed thousands, so not too surprising) It came out of a large sib cross so little doubt it is schlimii. Looks like a dead ringer for the one next to...
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    OZ Slipper Symposium Lists

    We have two sales lists for the Slipper Symposium or for whoever is interested. Note that the flask list is for pre orders. They have a month or two to go. See the download links at the website. JC
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    OZ kovachii

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    Inexpensive kovachii

    We are blooming quite a number of kovachii. I have listed one on EBAY with no reserve. Flower is not great, but I am hoping someone with limited budget can get a kovachii to try. Then maybe next time buy an expensive one. I missed this one when it just had opened, so it was likely flat for a...
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    New Pictures on FB

    Just wanted to remind everyone that we have posted lots of nice pictures on FB in the last few weeks. We have finished the summer lull and expect to be posting lots of pictures every week. Thanks, JC
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    mali alba

    Giving compliments to TON. They have a pic of malipoense alba in full bloom. Gorgeous!
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    kovachii first bloom

    Here is a first bloom kovachii from Peruflora. Extraordinary color!!! Shape could be better. For those who ask, the color in the photo is essentially accurate. In fact the color in person may be darker!