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  1. J

    my StoveTop orchids

    Drying off after a watering are my Sederia japonica with 5 spikes, and Lc Aloha Case 'Ching Hua' AM/AOS. Both smell great!
  2. J

    I didn't bloom them, but...

    I volunteered last Sunday for our society at the Chicago Botanic Garden's Orchid Show. I bought two gorgeous plants from Arnie Klehm. The first is Northern Mood '1-10' x Hellas 'Sunset'.
  3. J

    And the second is...

    Paph. Lathamianum a cross of spicerianum and villosum v. alba with four flowers.
  4. J

    Den Enobi Purple 'Splash'

    My Dens at the Fall Show, and at home.
  5. J

    Three Cuties

    You all know Charlie and Henry, and that's Tyke on the right.
  6. J

    Paph. henryanum

    Glad to finally bloom this guy. Purchased about three years ago from Ross Hella, the plant grew well but wouldn't bloom. I also have a charlesworthii that behaved the same way. Finally last September I moved them out of the plant room and into the living room, hoping a cooler winter away from...
  7. J

    Joe's Paph. henrietta Fujiwara

    My favorite plant at our fall show this past weekend!
  8. J

    Kevin's Henry

    A friend's Henryanum from our exhibit.
  9. J

    Paph. Doll's Kobold

    My plant decided to drop both flowers the day before our fall show here in Chicago.:(
  10. J

    Den. aggregatum

    This finished blooming a few weeks ago. It was the best blooming yet, but was one week late for our society meeting. One of my favorites.
  11. J

    Paph. Doll's Kobold

    Photo from our display a couple of years ago. Plant from Ross at Deerwood Orchids.
  12. J

    Paph. vietnamense

    I'm so excited to bloom this! Received it in a trade last October. Sorry for the washed out photo, need real camera or better phone for pics. Opened on Tuesday, hopefully it will bloom for more than a week. Happy Easter!
  13. J

    Illinois Orchid Society Show

    It was a rainy afternoon and I was lucky to get this charming shot of a fellow orchid lover admiring the orchid trees at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
  14. J

    Hi everyone!

    I've been learning a lot from you Slippertalk folks over the years, and would like to become an active member. I think I have figured out how to post photos, but please any suggestions would be appreciated. I've been growing for over 15 years here in Chicago. I'm on the 18th floor with a...