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    fischeri bloomed nice this time

    I really appreciate that the dorsal is not reflexed. Lovely
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    Phragmipedium besseae [synonym Jersey]

    Second flower is also nice.
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    Paph Susan Booth 'Paracombe' FCC/AOC

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    Paph Susan Booth 'Highercombe' AM/AOC

    I am having flower envy.
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    Paph. fairrieanum fma. bohlmannianum

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    Paph. glaucophyllum

    Very nice
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    Paphiopedilum fowlei 'Merlot' division

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    Phrag. Acker’s Fu Manchu

    Hello. Both plants are beautiful. I am assembling a very small collection. Mr ThienNgo I am also very interested in a division of this fu Manchu.
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    Paph rothschildianum (TC-5 x TN-Tiger)

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    Masd veitchiana bicolor

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    Paph phillipinense var roebellinii

    Beautiful! I am impressed.
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    Paph. adductum for sale (14 cm ls)

    Hello. Is your paph adductum still available?
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    Sign up for Flasks!! Buyers Wanted!!

    want to purchase fairreanum flask Hello. I would like to purchase a fairre flask. thank you
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    Advice needed kovachii seed sowing

    As an orchid enthusiast (husband says addict) I would be interested in more heat tolerant Kovachii. Dawn Dawson
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    group phrag seedlings for sale

    Interested in future offerings I am very interested in any future offerings.
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    Goodies from Sam Tsui/Orchid Inn

    New plants from Orchid Inn I just wanted to let people know that I received an order from Orchid Inn of 8 plants and I am very pleased with the health of the plants and Sam Tsui was graet to work with. Dawn
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    Looking for Phrags.

    Hello. I have a Jason Pierce that has two growths and is doing very well. I paid 35.00 for it and that would be all I would ask. I know it is a Bessea hybrid, however I don't know enough to tell you if it would be good for your conditions. Dawn
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    Orchid growing in 'Darkest Africa'

    Hello. I am a fellow physician. I am sorry to hear that you left medicine. Obama care destroyed my private practice about a year and a half ago. I am about to do some locum tenens work that may work into something permanent. I know it is tough fighting for reasonable patient care but we...
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    MOS Palm Sunday Show Flask Release

    Great! Thank you. Dawn