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  1. J

    paph rod. mcclellan three star

    Does anyone recognize that name....everything but the 'star' part is clear on the tag which came from yard sale. its going to bloom, looks light in color. Merry Christmas!
  2. J

    Flower color washed out

    I bought a red phrag in bloom; it had a rich color. I have rebloomed it under T5's and the color is much lighter. Does the color wash out when the buds are set, or if I pull it out from under the high light now, will later blooms be darker?
  3. J

    Hiawatha Fujiwara 'Henretta'

    my favorite
  4. J

    magdelina rose X wallisii

    I have grown this to a nice size plant from a seedling. It has never bloomed : Any suggestions?