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    Sarcochilus - any growing tips

    I recently acquired 3 sarc hybrids… all i know of them is that i can potentially grow them along side my phals… I am in the usa and grow stuff indoors supplemented by grow lights… Any growing tips specific to sarcs?
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    Help ID

    I got this as a seedling with a tag vuyl ‘Fall in love’ When i look in the web, most of it is white or pinkish…. However mines flower is more dull red/maroonish Didni have an incorrectly tag baby?
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    Phal. violacea f coerulea

    1st flowering under my care…. Im in love with the fragrance… Any recommendations for phal or phal-type care with similar fragrance?
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    Ascocentrum miniatun

    1st flowering for this little baby
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    Phal pulcherima x minus (lindenii)

    This is the 1st successful flowering since i bought it last year… it aborter the previous spike but now, its successful… Yey!!!
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    Phal modesta x CTL Venolina Tetrlacea ‘CTL#6’

    Another one . 1st flowering
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    Phal equestris var coerulea

    1st flowering under my care… loving the lip
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    Phal schilleriana x sib

    This is its first flowering
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    Den. Second Love

    Is this finally some buds? this one has multiple new growths... but curios about this nubbin on top of one older cane
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    Phal. Sumatrana

    Phal sumatrana ‘Large’ x ‘Johore’
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    Den. Anosmum ‘little sweet scent’

    Would anyone be able to confirm if these are about to become flower spikes? I am new to dendrobiums. I only have this and Den. second Love
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    Phal. equestris var coerulea culture...

    Are equestris summer blooming? What can induce it to flower?
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    Yellow spots on thecopus maingayi

    Does anyone have any idea whats going on with my thecopus maingayi?
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    Where to get phal species that moderately priced

    Hey folks Would anyone here have any recommendation of where to get fragrant phals specie that are moderately priced, but also not one that is just out of flask.... Thanks
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    Chola wood for mounting orchids

    Has anyone tried mounting orchids on chola wood?
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    Does anyone here have brassavolas mounted? Can it survive mounted grown indoors with only weekly watering?
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    Is this bud blasting

    The top portion of the spike started becoming soft
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    Paph maudiae hybrid temps

    Does anyone know what low temp can maudiae type tolerate and still flourish? I have 3 different areas indoor that haa 70-80f, 69-75f and 67-70f... trying to determine where best to place them and if i need to supplement it with seedling heat mat.
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    Degarmoara- yellow leaves

    Hi. Would someone be able to tell me if what cam cause leaves to yellow on a degarmoara? There are 3 me growths,but one of the leaf on a mature pseudo bulb is yellow compared to others... its not limp yellow, its turgid but yellow.