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    What is this???

    To me looks like Macradenia brassavolae or rubescens. I had this charming little plant many years ago (brassavolae).
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    Guess the hybrid!

    micranthum X philippinense ?
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    Paphiopedilum lawrenceanum

    Looks very much like Paph. Gowerianum (lawrenceanum X curtisii). I have a plant of this cross, remade by Vacherot & Lecoufle some 50 years ago, but unfortunately not currently in flower.
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    Pronunciation : Petite : petit’, p without aspiration, e as in the English word the. The last e is totally mute. Queillette or Cueillette : ke-yet, k without aspiration, and e as in the ; and –yet, e as in English set or tent, the last e is mute too : petit’ keyet’. A Cueillete is a...
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    Paph. Maudiae 'The Queen' AM/AOS

    So much so when you know that 'Bankhaus' has garnered an FCC form the AOS. So what is in a name ?
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    Paph. Maudiae 'The Queen' AM/AOS

    You are right, but the flower had been awarded an AM by the RHS previously. For your information, may I quote a small article from The Orchid Review for September, 1969 (p. 268) : "Although first raised by Sanders (St. Albans) Ltd., as long ago as 1929, Paphiopedilum Clair de Lune...
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    Paph. Maudiae 'The Queen' AM/AOS

    Paph. Maudiae 'The Queen' AM/RHS (not AOS) was in my collection a long time ago. It was definitely different from 'Bankhaus', which reminds me of forms of Paph. Alma Gevaert (Maudiae x lawrenceanum hyeanum). What are the measurements of 'Bankhaus' ?
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    Blc Meiner Seele Schatz

    Wunderbar ! "Schatz, Schaetzchen, es gibt ein Traum von dir in meiner Seele..." (Gertrud v. Lefort)
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    Introduction of michelangelo.

    Hello, A few words to introduce myself. I am an old doctor (I’ll soon enter my 72nd year of age) whose medical practice is situated in Picardy (northern France) and I have been a plant and pet enthusiast since my early teens. I begun growing orchids when I was about 18. My preferred orchids...
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    Multipart thread, mineral nutrition of Paphiopedilum

    Dear Sanderianum, I just remember having read in a celebrated book some lines which may be of interest : « No genus or race of orchids that has yet been brought under cultivation has yielded so readily, and we may add, so strikingly, to its influence as the Cypripedia. […] The most obvious...
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    Callosum var "Vietnamense" hort albino 'Mr. Tran'

    Hello from Picardy, Xavier, Alfredo Riboni, of Varese, had some albino callosum for sale at the last Vaucelles exhibit in March. He called them callosum thailandense album. I saw one in flower at the entrance of the exhibit, it looked exactly like your vietnamese albino, only somewhat larger...