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    Omgosh. These keep blooming for four months. packing up collection for move to summer home Nc. Now I want a greenhouse for my new passion/obsession. any Asheville orchid society members on this forum? Don’t summer there but close by. Getting hot in Tampa
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    Amazing ladies

    This purchased at recent show - flower 5” across - Krull Smith I grew this one - I’m hooked!
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    Krull Smith

    Oh my gosh went to my first unlocked orchid shows in Tampa yesterday. How wonderful to buy great in bloom orchids w/o shipping costs. Now I’m really in trouble! Found this perfect 5 pot planter to display blooms for $5 at a garage sale today. How lucky can u get!! will drive to Krull Smith...
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    Does everyone water thoroughly and then fertilize every watering? New to these orchids I am a little confused.
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    Orchid show all over Florida for 2021 yay.

    Selby gardens and one in tampa in March
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    How odd is this?

    Lost a plant but now 4 new growths coming up. Has anyone seen this? How do I handle it when it gets bigger? (Clipped plant off) paph Hilo green wow x Hilo super green forest
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    Growing in Tampa

    Since I am feeling chatty today here’s a second post. growing outside - my lady obsession just since last summer oh my. found an amazing orchid sprayer at Lowe’s. Batter operated
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    Orchid inn

    Just got this plant from Sam at Orchid Inn. So heathy! My favorite source. As a new slipper grower can’t wait for shows to begin again so I can continue to build my collection which is already out of control lol! have three putting up blooms including a Pinocchio which repeat blooms! Love...
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    Growing in Tampa

    Finally got my paphs phrags potted and in order. We are near downtown and by the bay. Cold snap last week mid-40’s buy sheltered by warmed brick wall and bay nearby keeps temps higher. Will move or cover when near high 30’s. Exposure East with great filtered morning sun. happy to report...
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    Hurricane Eta

    Here she comes with bulls eye on Tampa. Just getting my new phal and phrag collection settled. Yikes Half done and will attach photos of my tropical growing conditions with early am East exposure and dappled sun during day (under major crepe myrtle standard tree). I have also found some...
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    What’s happening here

    A goner?
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    Phrag question

    Here is a picture and tag of one of my phrags that has been putting up this spike for awhile. Doesn’t seem to have any blooms in spike. Are there future blooms coming??
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    Community pots

    Part of my Covid collection, at what point do I repot into individual pots? All paphs
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    My beautiful ladies

    New to this type of orchid I am smitten! Frag of Naukana Kealoha x Nicholle Tower and phrag Besseae x Nicholle Tower
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    Lady Isabel

    Purchased from forum member Michael Hinshaw. A beauty!
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    Miracle gro

    Has anyone used miracle grow on paphs/phrags? If not why not?
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    How to know when to cut off flower stalks

    I have been learning this summer in forum, some paphs praghs bloom more than once on a bloom stalk? Any rules on when to cut off stalk?
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    Tonsum Phap

    Trying to find a second plant. Any suggestions? One of my favorites and can’t remember where I purchased it.
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    New member questions

    New at this but wonderful hobby. Is it ok to fold back top lip on these Waimea canyon Paphs?
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    Staking buds/blooms

    Hello everyone. I have collected about a dozen in bloom plants for my new interest and collection in isolation. as u can see from the picture wood stakes are very distracting. Any suggestions ?