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    Large Phals lots of spikes!

    Thanks Lance Will try to formulate some intelligent questions Also thanks for listing the temps you used. Will try to emulate these going forward. Also, if you are singing or whistling while you work please let us know your favorite songs, will add those to the regimen as well! Mark
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    Large Phals lots of spikes!

    Hi Lance Again, BRAVO, magnificent culture I guess I'll be searching for your fert routine...... (Unless you want to save me the trouble lol) I'm an indoor/under lights grower and have purchased an a/c unit recently to provide this level of temp control for my Phals. The future is bright! Mark
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    Large Phals lots of spikes!

    My guess is keeping temps above 82 F to keeping them vegetative (ie suppressing spike initiation), having them grow to monstrous proportions before chilling them (below 77 F in day and below 70 at night) and raising light levels at the same time. But what's the special sauce? Congrats, these...