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  1. J

    Paph venustum

    Thanks for all the advice. It is upstairs in my ‘cool’ room at best 50% humidity. I spritz or splash it daily along with my phrags. Light is combination of lights and east window. Time for a humidifier I guess. Was so excited with 2 spikes then the flowers never opened. Will add more...
  2. J

    Paph venustum

  3. J

    Paph venustum

    Stunning. Mine blasted again this year. Had 2 spikes, never opened after months. Why? Why ? Why?
  4. J

    paph rod. mcclellan three star

    Does anyone recognize that name....everything but the 'star' part is clear on the tag which came from yard sale. its going to bloom, looks light in color. Merry Christmas!
  5. J

    Flower color washed out

    I bought a red phrag in bloom; it had a rich color. I have rebloomed it under T5's and the color is much lighter. Does the color wash out when the buds are set, or if I pull it out from under the high light now, will later blooms be darker?
  6. J

    help identifying old paph, please

    Yes! The Freckles 'Pinkie' is very similar. And I know that is still just a WAQ. Thanks...
  7. J

    Phrag. Acker's Royalty

    very nice. I love the color too
  8. J

    Hiawatha Fujiwara 'Henretta'

    my favorite
  9. J

    magdelina rose X wallisii

    Thank you! I got it as a seedling from Woodsprite Orchids in Maine. I don't know who the original breeder was. Sorry.
  10. J

    magdelina rose X wallisii

    Ha! Secret? Better dumb luck with phrags than any other orchid. I read that as water. I have 16 phrags of varying hybrid and species. I keep them wet and some in standing water, fertilize very lightly. They are all under T5s or in a south window. They sit outside on the shaded deck all...
  11. J

    magdelina rose X wallisii

    Troy...yes. its bloomed three times since the original inquiry. I guess it just needed to get old enough...and under the T5s My nicest phrag. Big flowers and beautiful color, not a lot of flowers though, maybe total 4 on a inflourescence
  12. J

    magdelina rose X wallisii

    It bloomed! Phrag Magdelina Rose X Wallisii Well, here is the same plant blooming its little self. Click on the thumbnail for it to be big...I seem to have issues posting pics on this site
  13. J

    help identifying old paph, please

    Tim, This comes from 'Isakoffs'. I did not know them but they were a member of the Delaware Orchid society, so east coast. It looks much paler today in the sun. I have attached a full pic. I am trying to find the listing of their plants; it might take until the next meeting. They had...
  14. J

    help identifying old paph, please

    Will do. I got it in a grab basket from a greenhouse tag obviously. But put two spikes on so, an easy bloomer. I believe it is an old variety based on the age of the collector. Not much help, I know.
  15. J

    Paph. rothschildianum 'Strider'

    roth Absolutely beautiful pics. I have an old variety as a gift; would love some tips to bring it to bloom.
  16. J

    Paph. Jogjae

    paph jogjae How do you get this beast to bloom?
  17. J

    My first Roth in bud !

    ok. how are you guys blooming the Roth? I have a very nicely growing plant, mottled under lights on a warm pad. looks great. wont bloom :(
  18. J

    magdelina rose X wallisii