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    Phragmipedium Majestic Tresses 'Bryon'

    A division I purchased a couple years ago bloomed and was awarded an AM/AOS yesterday. 80 points. The petal length was 67cm. Bloom is a little more cream colored than appears in the photo below.
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    P besseae 'Mem Mary Lou Dundon' AM x 'Black Falls' AM

    This opened today. First time blooming and it has at least one more bud coming. Actual bloom is a little darker. I'm pretty happy with it.
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    Paphiopedilum kolopakingii

    One more bloom to go. Unfortunately, it had a weird s-shaped spike when it was developing. I like the blooms though.
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    Paphiopedilum Fanaticum (micranthum 'War Eagle' x malipoense 'Ruth')

    This one just opened up. I was friends with Fred and Ruth, and saw the malipoense in bloom long ago. It was the early 90s or late 80s. The pouch is very different from the one I bloomed last year. The stem is much longer and the webbing is darker. Here is the one from last year. It opened...
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    Mem Mariza Rolando (kovachii x Hanne Popow)

    It's not opened up yet, but I'm excited. I've been waiting for it to bloom for a couple years. It had a very large growth last year that ended up dying off and now it is blooming off a smaller growth. The color is actually redder than it looks in the picture which is surprising based on the...
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    Misty Run Sunrise 'Acker's Dawn' x manzurii 'Waunakee'

    This one opened up a couple days ago.
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    Paph delenatti alba

    I might as well add mine. It is almost fully open today.
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    Eric Young

    First bloom to open. It has two spikes currently.
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    Phrag Acker's Berry (kovachii #2 x Waunakee Sunset 'Cherry')

    This plant has a long stem and I like the color.
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    Don Wimber

    Petals are thicker and a little darker than they appear. There is a lot of light coming from behind.
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    Over the winter I had some issues with flask seedlings. The lower leaves were the first to have the issue and the undersides of them would have these black dots that seemed to be mostly embedded in the leaf tissue. I caught lots of thrips on sticky tape. Most of my flask seedlings are older...
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    Waunakee Sunset 'Cherry'

    This bloom opened up a couple days ago. There is a new growth hidden by the yellow leaf.
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    Paph Fanaticum... getting close but not fully open

    First time blooming. The spike first started in November and it has been a slow process. I figure it should be fully open by Christmas. The plant is very small. It's sibling chose to grow a second growth instead of bloom. I like the size of the pouch and there is some nice veining if you...
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    Phrag Cardinal

    My Phrag Cardinal (Andean Fire x dalessandroi) has a new bloom.
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    Phragmipedium Grande?

    Label says Phrag Grande, but I'm not clear on how to tell Grande from Supergrande. This is the second time it has bloomed.
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    Pollinating phrags

    It seems like there is a small window of opportunity to grab the pollen off a phragmipedium bloom or it will fail to pollinate. Does that work the other way? If I pollinate a bloom that has been open for almost a week am I wasting my pollen? I have a bloom that will be open tomorrow and...
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    Fritz schomburg

    Fritz Schomburg Just opened up today. This is the second blooming. Looks better than first blooming.