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    Problems with Paph Henrietta Fujiwarar

    This is the first flowering of a newly acquired P Henrietta Fujiwara. I received the plant through the post about a month ago when it was in low bud. I was worried about the spike aborting following delivery so I've given it extra care and to my relief the spike has been developing well - it's...
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    Hello from north Wales

    Hi everyone. Now I've posted my first pics and posed a few questions I thought I should just introduce myself. I'm based in north Wales, a wonderful mountainous county that lies to the west of England. We're famous for our sheep, our endless rain and the fact that we're not English! We even...
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    Venustum or Venus Rising?

    Hello everyone. I've been following this great forum for a while, but this is my first post. I'm a windowsill grower in north Wales, UK, and have been building up my limited collection recently. P venustum was one of the first sp I grew (at the tender age of 12!) and wanted to grow it again so...