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    guess the plant!

    first bloomer! [/URL][/IMG]
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    Phrag andreetae

    So I was under the impression that this phrag was a cool grower like the rest of the "schlimii group" until now. I just read in a few different places that it was a warm grower and now i am a bit confused. I was hoping i could grow it in my cool section with the kovachii im getting since there...
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    Rhyncostylis are so slow

    is it normal for rhynchostylis to grow super slow? By that I mean like the leaf growiing 1 centimeter every 4 months?? They are growing, but soo slowly it bothers me. I have lots of patience but these plants grow slower than all 4 of my Paph hangianums and my emersonii so is it normal for...
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    An Introduction

    Hi everyone! i have been lurking for quite a while now on this forum and decided to introduce myself! I grow mostly slippers but many other genera as well. I adore the parvisepalum paphs and have all the species except for malipoense and armeniacum. I have other paphs as well! I also like...