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  1. shakkai

    Paph Cam's Cloud

    This is a first time flowering on a small single growth plant. I am pleased with the flower size - NS is approx. 9.5 cm (LS is 16 cm). The flower opened yesterday, so hopefully it will flatten out some more.
  2. shakkai

    London Orchid Show

    Here are some of the photos from the RHS London Orchid Show last weekend. This one won best species grown by an amateur: One of the Paph. vietnamense: A display of vietnamense with HCM: hangianum on the left, with armeniacum on the right, and their hybrid, Wössner China Moon...
  3. shakkai

    London Orchid Show

    This coming weekend (21st-22nd March) - Anyone going? I will be there on Saturday to look around and then again on Sunday for Judges Training.
  4. shakkai

    Cyp Maria

    One of my Christmas present Cyps!
  5. shakkai

    Paph hainanense

    Two growth plant, second blooming for me: This is the plant that is listed for the auction (if we can go ahead with auction plants in the EU??) The parents are: hain. ‘Lilac Mist’ x hain. ‘Dancer’
  6. shakkai

    Paph. primulinum / Pinocchio / Avalon Mist (Again)

    Here's the 5th flower on the plant I bought that was labelled Paph. primulinum (from a quite reputable vendor). There are still more buds on this spike, and it looks like another fan is matured and about to send up a second spike. Whatever it is, I still think its quite pretty!
  7. shakkai

    Masdevallia Copper Wing

    This one has just started flowering here:
  8. shakkai

    Paph vietnamense alba

    I was very happy to come home with this precious little thing from the Bournemouth Orchid Society Show on Saturday. Here is a photo of the plant & one of it in comparison to the other vietnamense seedlings...
  9. shakkai

    Phrag. Plemont

    Plemont is (Hanne Popow x dalessandroi). This flower just started to open. It is only one small flower, but it is a first time bloom on a single growth seedling. When it opens all of the way, I'll get a photo straight on...but I just love the windows in the pouch!!
  10. shakkai

    Masdevallia Gremlin

    After about a week of being green, this flower has finally started to colour up. The cross is angulata x strobelii, and this one has inherited the 'floating' hinged lip from angulata. Not drop dead gorgeous, but the blue/purple hairs at the front and the white hairs/glands at the back make it...
  11. shakkai

    Paph jackii

    Here's my jackii, which has finally opened up enough to get a good look at it. It is the first time bloom on a single growth plant. The inflorescence is 18.5 inches tall, the leaf span is 10 inches. I really like this one! I'm especially fond of the veining pattern.
  12. shakkai

    Lost tag - in spike - any ideas?

    Since you guys are so great at identifications, I thought I might post this one now, before the flowers open, to see if anyone might have ideas about what it may be. I have checked my list of seedlings bought, and can't put my finger on which one it possibly is. It appears to be going to be a...
  13. shakkai

    Shun Fa Golden - still opening

    I have been watching this flower open for the past week and a bit. Its finally opened enough to get a photo, though it is still cupped and not fully flat yet. It is already a big flower, with the cupping, it has a NS of over 10 cm. If it opens out flat, it will easily be over 15cm. This is...
  14. shakkai

    How to define a collection?

    I would be very interested in people sharing their opinions about defining a collection. The things that I have are just too varied and there doesn't seem to be 'a plan' - and I like to have a plan...:wink: The two things I'm mulling over during the holidays (after New Year's seems like the...
  15. shakkai

    New additions brought home today!

    Where to start?? I should start by saying, I think I went a bit over board, but there were a least half a dozen other plants that I had picked up and put back!! So, I could have done a lot more damage to my pocketbook. :p Hybrid Paphs: Kee Chin Lim (malipoense ‘Tracery’ x platyphyllum...
  16. shakkai

    Dendrobium kingianum - other winter flowers

    Here are some photos of the other plants currently in bloom (and filling the house with fragrance!)... My favourite, although a NOID, smells like vanilla! The first one to start flowering this year is this one with 25 spikes, each with at least 6-7 flowers. Very sweet smelling and...
  17. shakkai

    Some of my recent blooms...

    I've been enjoying a number of blooms the last couple of months. Most of them are first time blooms on seedlings. This first one, however, was bought in bloom at the local society's show. It was labelled as Paph. primulinum, but it had a very different form to the other primulinums they had...
  18. shakkai

    Phrag Andean Fire

    After a month of waiting... the flower has finally opened today!! This one is [(besseae ‘Mont Millais’ 4N x besseae ‘Franz Glanz’ 4N) 'Firebird' x lindleyanum]
  19. shakkai

    Neofinetia falcata

    Neo varieties: Amami Island Asahiden Fugaku Gyokusuiden Haku Fukurin Hanagoromo Issusihime Kibana Kinkosei Kisyu Sekko Kyokko Ogonmaru Seibotan Seikai Setonotrugi Shachikoryu Syunkyuden Tosabeni Toukou Yodonomatsu Neo hybrids: Cherry Blossom (x2) (Darwinara Charm x...
  20. shakkai

    Paphs and Phrags, so far...

    Paphiopedilum: hainanense (‘Lilac Mist’ x ‘Dancer’) fairrieanum (‘Will Scarlet’ x ‘#1’) venustum forma album (‘Tessara’ x ‘Jade’) barbigerum (‘Tom Thumb’ x ‘Select’) charlesworthii malipoense jackii Saint Swithin (philippinense ‘Select’ x rothschildianum ‘Mont Millais’) Moustache...