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  1. mango

    Terrible disease in my collection =(

    Hello, Since a few weeks, I've noticed that some of my plants are getting infected with something that I suspect is a fungus, the infection spreads rapidly and infects several types of plants. It started on the succulents and it's spreading to orchids and african violets. It's highly...
  2. mango

    My collection

    Hello, as promised, I´m uploading my orchid collection. In the past almost all my collection was made of orchids, but due the lack of space and other types of plants acquisitions, I had to reduce it dramatically. This is a Macodes petola Arundina graminifolia Epidendrum radicans P...
  3. mango

    Introducing myself

    Hi. I'm mexican, I've been growing orchids and carnivorous plants for over a decade, and more recently, aroids (amorphophallus, sauromatum, arisaema), other bulbous, succulents, cacti, african violets, amongst others. Now I'm focusing my attetion into slippers, I've been cheking this forum...
  4. mango

    Cypripedium japonicum care

    Hello. I just got a C. japonicum rhizome (dormant), unfortunately, the information in the web is shallow and confusing, some people recommend a dry dormancy and others a humid one. There is not a reliable source. By the moment the plant is in humid soil, but I don't really know what should...