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  1. poozcard

    Paphiopedilum exul 2015

    Long time no see you here. I have been busy with the little baby. And my favourite exul performs so well in giving blossoms this year. It has been 3 years since I got divisions of it. :rollhappy::rollhappy::rollhappy:
  2. poozcard

    Paphiopedilum exul 'Kosol' AM/RHT

    Photo by Poozcard
  3. poozcard

    Paph sellers in Osaka/Kyoto Japan

    :):):) I will be in Osaka, Japan tomorrow and later to Kyoto for a week. Is there any interesting place to see/buy Paphs? Please advise, thank you. :rollhappy:
  4. poozcard

    Paphiopedilum exul | Season 2012-2013

    Taken in November 2012 throughout March 2013
  5. poozcard

    Krabi Orchid Show 2013 - 20 February 2013 Krabi Orchid Club invites everyone to visit and enjoy beauty of orchid exhibits by enthusiasts from Southern part of Thailand. The show will be held during 20-26 February 2013 at Krabi Provincial Administrative Organisation, Muang Krabi...
  6. poozcard

    Paphiopedilum thaianum - 2012

  7. poozcard


    From friends in Chiang mai Hope you guys like them! :rollhappy::rollhappy: :drool:
  8. poozcard

    Last exul of the season 2011/2012

    What should I do for the rest of the year? haha :rollhappy::rollhappy::rollhappy:
  9. poozcard

    Today is a breeding day

    I have done some breeding today 4 exul line breds 1 dwarf philippinense self cross What about you guys? What have you done recently? :rollhappy::rollhappy::rollhappy:
  10. poozcard

    Paphiopedilum exul 'rambutan'

  11. poozcard

    THAILAND | Krabi orchid show 2012

    Please check this link :,1916.0.html It was in Thai so I put it in google translator. Translation is quite weird to me too. But I think all of you can enjoy the pictures. This is the greatest show having 227 displays of exul. :clap:
  12. poozcard

    Triple petals exul

  13. poozcard

    Dendrobium anosmum 'Valentine's'

  14. poozcard

    gratrixianum x exul

    I have one seed pod. Does anyone know how many month to get mature? thx in advance. :rollhappy::rollhappy:
  15. poozcard

    Another triple spikes thaianum

    4 spikes from 2 growths. Apart from one in this thread : we found new strange one here :rollhappy::rollhappy::rollhappy: 1 spike from the lower growth. 3 spikes from the upper growth. --- 1 coming from top --- 1 coming from left leaf ---...
  16. poozcard

    Happy new year 2012 | Exul season begins

    Wish you all the best!
  17. poozcard

    What would I get from this cross? (leucochilum)

    Actually they are No-chilum :rollhappy::rollhappy::rollhappy: What result do you expect from the progeny of this parent. One on the right hand side was pod parent. Pollen was from the left one. :drool::drool:
  18. poozcard

    Triple flowering in one spike

  19. poozcard

    Exiled Exuls Return Home

    Last week, Krabi club of paph. growers hosed the event of returning P.exul to their home. Please find below the link for the whole story and photos. :rollhappy::rollhappy::rollhappy:
  20. poozcard

    Micro niveum