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    Thank you foryour comments,the plant with two flowers on the same stem is in the a pot. Have a same age plant in the ground as well and this has made about the same growth.
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    Forgot I had taken picture of other stem with small failed flower bud.
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    Hi, these came from Michael Weinert {frosh} who is also an agent for Hardy Orchids. I have attached a picture of one of the other flowers.:)
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    Cyp. Philipp

    Very nice and it looks well established. I have read here and in other places to fertilize sparingly so I have added a small scattering of 3 to 4 month osmocoate when the plants broke surface. As name suggests these release a small amount of food over 3 to 4 months. I have also foliar fed with a...
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    Very happy with this plant and I was surprised to see two flowers on one stem. All of the info I have read says one per stem. I wondered if it happened with plants that are cultivated due to higher food levels but not sure on this. Another plant had two buds on one stem but it had withered away...
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    Formosanum 2016

    That's amazing love that that swirl in the leaf. I bought one last autumn but it didn't produce a shoot. Discovered it isn't dead today so I will keep fingers crossed for next year.
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    Cypripedium lichiangense

    Thanks for sharing your growing techniques. I would like to try this one day. Great photos too.
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    Not sure what but still nice!

    Wonderful a very strong and healthy looking plant.
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    Cypripedium macranthum var. rebunese

    What a fabulous plant and one you don't see to often, wouldn't dare try one with my present level of experience but I hope they can become more available and affordable over time and one day who Knows.:)
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    Another treasure

    Beautiful plant, great colour and looks to have very strong stems.
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    First cypripedium bud

    Hi Tom, could have easily got some muddled up, the others labelled Sabine are nearly through and the Sabine planted in the ground has produced very small flowers. It seems part of the fun trying to work out what you have especially with the hybrids. Some here say only 80% of there plants arive...
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    Parviflorum and Pubescens

    Such a bright yellow and they look in good shape, I have a parviflorum that may be open tomorrow or day after, if it has that intensity of colour I will be delighted.
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    First cypripedium bud

    This plant Aki pastel has produced 2 flowers.
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    Fabulous plant, looks in great shape.:)
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    First cypripedium bud

    abax,I thought that was open so here it is my first cyp fully open.
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    First cypripedium bud

    Hi Dave, I know you are right about growing mainly hybrids and have already lost a few of the species, However, I don't think I can resist them all together yet, a few more hits to the wallet and I will wise up a bit I am sure. Sorry to here about the losses and I am glad your getting back...
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    Cyp. x ventricosum

    Fantastic plant, very wide healthy leaves .I too prefer the pale flower although all beautiful.
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    First cypripedium bud

    Finally its opened not sure if it will get a little darker as it matures, I hope it stays like this. Thanks migrant13 hope it goes well and please share picture if you can. Dave I think I am a little warmer than you being on the coast ?, but we get sea breezes every afternoon. I imagine if they...
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    First cypripedium bud

    Thank you Abax and Dot. Hi David, thank you, your excellent cyps have inspired me and I hope to one day meet the standards you and others have set.
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    That looks so healthy and what a vibrant yellow. I have a couple in pots and would be thrilled to achieve this.