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    Maxillaria nardoides

    Here is a small Maxillaria mounted on 3”x5” wood mount. Close up of the bulbs. At one time this plant was named “Christonella”. This plant is grown in bright shade, warm to hot. It needs to be consistently hydrated allowing to dry out between watering. Plenty of fresh, moving air.
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    Diplocaulobium aratriferum

    Lumped in with Debdrobium, sometimes referred to as "watermelon" orchid because of its flower scent. It is from New Guinea. It is a warm to hot grower, likes bright light, "Oncidium" strength. I allow it to dry completely before watering. It is in a 2" pot and I probably should re-pot. I...
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    Sederia (Phalaenposis ) japonica

    There are several varieties of this Phalaenopsis alliance plant. Most of the different varieties are based on size and variegation. But this Sederia is slightly different than other plants in its leaf color--it is a light green, and it's flowers. Other members of this group have flowers that...
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    Neofinetia (Vanda) Gojo-Fukurin

    This is one of the easier Furan to acquire--inexpensive and often available. It grows easily into a large clump. It's leaves are long and striped.
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    Neofinetia (Vanda) falcata Hybrids In Bloom

    Neofinetia falcata species are white, there are some Neos that have colored flowers, some growers have noted that the colored flowers are a hybrid but they have been bred back long ago to Neofinetia. No one kept good records back then so that is a mystery. However, there are several Neos that...
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    Wanted: Phalaenopsis Mini Mark

    I do not have a picture, but every time I see it posted I want it! This Phalaenopsis flower is white with orange lip. The petals have little orange dots.
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    Bulbophylum Elizabeth Ann Bucleberry FCC/AOS

    I won this plant in the May 2015. Charles Ufford donated it to the auction. There are announcements posted on this forum regarding the May 2017 auctions. Funds raised will go towards maintaining this forum. A worthy cause! It has grown very well for me. It has been growing in an eastern facing...
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    For Abax. Four Examples of Furan Leaf Types

    There are many leaf shape classifications for Furan. Here are only four examples of leaf shapes that most growers have in their Furan collection. From left to right: Seiryujishi 青龍獅子 "Kurui-ba" or screw leaf Fukujumaru 福寿丸 "Hari-ba" or needle leaf Kaioumaru 海王丸 "Mame-ba" or bean leaf Ryouga 凌駕...
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    Tachitaiho 立大鵬 is nice bean leaf (minature) variety which has upright and narrow foliage. The green color and texture of the foliage is appealing. The flower blooms upward. Kirin-maru 麒麟丸 is not a beer endorsement! This is described as Mujihagawari--solid base variety, bean leaf. Like...
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    I'm trying to figure out an easier way to post pictures.
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    A Gift. Barbosella australis

    A gift from Tom-DE by Matt Woelfsen, on Flickr I was totally surprised and pleased to get this unusual plant. It comes from southern Brasil. It is part of the Masdivalia tribe. From my research on the Interweb, it is a cool grower. I think it'll be growing in a terrarium.
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    Acquired Two Neofinetia from Tom

    My friend Marco sent me a message and told me about Tom's retirement from Orchids. So I got in touch with Tom and asked about his Shutennou 朱天王 and Shirayuki. These are my two newest acquisitions! Shirayuki by Matt Woelfsen, on Flickr Shutennou 朱天王 by Matt Woelfsen, on Flickr These plants...