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  1. Jenny St. Michel

    K-Lite and Gnatrol

    I’ve used mosquito bits with k-lite without any issues. Not 100% sure but I believe they are the same as gnatrol.
  2. Jenny St. Michel

    Anyone growing Paphiopedilums in NZ Tree Fern Fibers Successfully?

    I bought a bag of Fernwood TreeFern Fiber last spring and used it a couple ways. 1. Mixed in medium orchiata bark 2. As a thick top dressing. When i first started using it within a few days of watering a brown mold grew on it. I started soaking it in boiling water before use and the mold went...
  3. Jenny St. Michel

    A little tour

    Thank you for sharing! Would love to see more 😊
  4. Jenny St. Michel

    Phrag question

    It should! As long as culture remains good :-) sometimes it does take awhile especially if it’s a new plant and recently changed environments.
  5. Jenny St. Michel


    I had to google what cuttle bone was! Looked like a creepy bug egg in the pic. But now I remember seeing birds eat it. Seems like it could work/not hurt.... But I have never bothered with adding oyster shells to my pots. I prefer to just use feed that has calcium and magnesium. Be interesting to...
  6. Jenny St. Michel

    My beautiful ladies

    Very beautiful! Nicole Tower was one of my firsts and I still love her. She seems to flower forever!
  7. Jenny St. Michel

    Fungus gnats and no Gnatrol

    I’ve been using mosquito dunks for about a year now and haven’t had any issues since. Works great. I do what Ray basically said and crumble them up let sit in water overnight and water the plants. I get little chunks that stay on the top of the media so I believe it keeps working for a long time.
  8. Jenny St. Michel

    Paphs are deathtraps.

    Poor guy! American bugs are now getting too fat. Lol.
  9. Jenny St. Michel

    General Questions (Parvisepalum)

    Hello! I do not change my fertilizing when any orchids are in spike/flower. I figure naturally nutrients wouldn’t change just because they are flowering. I leave it up to the plant to use what it wants. I only cut back on watering in slower growth times. Also I do not move any outside as it...
  10. Jenny St. Michel

    Phrag Root Po*n

    Hi Ray, It had 4 good sized growth when I got it and now it has 11. I grew it in a tall, black nursery pot -size about 6”x7”. And sat that pot within a clay pot to help keep it cool. All my plants grow in a south-west sunroom with floor to ceiling windows. I try and go for as much light as...
  11. Jenny St. Michel

    Cool flower and bug! ID’s please

    Looks like a stick bug. I see them around every now and then. There’s a bunch of different kinds depending on your location. If you google stick bug and your location I bet you could find it. I don’t think they are harmful.
  12. Jenny St. Michel

    New from New York!

    Hello! I top dress with mostly tree fern fiber but will also use spagnum moss as well. I started with repotme But I do not buy from them anymore. Once your collection grows you can go broke buying there. There are other places with equal products at way lower prices 😍
  13. Jenny St. Michel

    Phrag Root Po*n

    For anyone interested I do use K-Lite and KelpMax. My well water is about 70 ppm and approx. ph 7.3 and I use 1/4 tsp K-Lite about every 2 or 3 days. And KelpMax every 3 or 4 weeks. I ph adjust when I first repot if run off is high. I also use this on my other houseplants plants at different...
  14. Jenny St. Michel

    Phragmipedium cabrejosii

    Very cool. Reminds me of a Paph. But better cause it’s a Phrag!
  15. Jenny St. Michel

    Strange withered growth and no flower

    I think if you can rule out too much light, nutrient deficiency and pests than it could just be like Ray said. She just didn’t feel like it this year. Like I tell my husband maybe next year. Lol
  16. Jenny St. Michel

    Phrag Root Po*n

    I know I love looking at other people’s plants roots so thought I would share. I got this Phrag richteri last October and it had maybe 6 or 8 ok roots at the time. I repotted into large bark, medium lava rock, charcoal, lots and lots of perlite and top dressed with tree fern fiber. Seems to have...
  17. Jenny St. Michel

    Phrag Pearcei - first Phrag to flower for me!

    So true about cats loving Phrags! Last winter I wrapped part of my grow area with Saran Wrap to keep them out. And I spayed them (cats) with water so much that now they don’t even mind. Thank you for the kind words everyone!!!! 😊
  18. Jenny St. Michel

    Phrag Pearcei - first Phrag to flower for me!

    Don’t jinx me! I’ve yet to deal with scale on any plants but have been nervous about pests cause I’ve been bringing in more and more plants lately.
  19. Jenny St. Michel

    Phrag Pearcei - first Phrag to flower for me!

    It’s mostly lava rock in the plastic pot with small amount of tree fern mixed in and a thick layer of tree fern as a top layer. I water just about every day. It has lots of roots. I actually got this plant for free cause it was so beat up when shipped to me. But bounced back through the summer...