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  1. Marius Titulesc

    broker for importing into the u.s.?

    That's very true, unfortunately. ______________________________________ Marius from W2C import brokers
  2. Marius Titulesc

    Paphio lawrenceanum

    Like the constrast. How easy is it to care for?
  3. Marius Titulesc

    Angraecum sp.

    Looking great. Do you think it will survive the trip?
  4. Marius Titulesc

    Paph. Delrosi

    Congrats! Hope it grows even larger.
  5. Marius Titulesc

    From Orchids Limited

    Sam Tsui has my vote as well. I have only words of praise for them.
  6. Marius Titulesc

    Paph. lowii and willhenianii seed pod

    About 6 months for both if you ask me.
  7. Marius Titulesc

    My small collection

    Where did you get the Dias from? (if I'm not indiscreet)
  8. Marius Titulesc

    Greenhouses in Manhattan?

    A shelf would do the job just fine if you ask me.
  9. Marius Titulesc

    broker for importing into the u.s.?

    Indeed. I'm a big fan of them. I usually import them through a broker, just to be sure they don't get stuck at customs.