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  1. newbud

    Wössner China Moon

    Looks like a yellow kovachii
  2. newbud

    Some "schlimii".

    All very nice. Pretty colors.
  3. newbud

    neo. "yellow dragon"

    Very nice. Nice display to of the plant.
  4. newbud

    Phal. gigantea

    Ditto. Thanks
  5. newbud

    Maryland Orchid show

    Looks like you guys had a great show too. Thanks
  6. newbud

    At the Atlanta Spring Show

    Yeah. .. that's what I heard. I think they're trying to make up for it.
  7. newbud

    At the Atlanta Spring Show

    Here's an appletonianum I snagged from Peachstate: A couple of close ups playing with my macro lens:
  8. newbud

    At the Atlanta Spring Show

    Here's some more of Sam's display and table:
  9. newbud

    At the Atlanta Spring Show

    Thanks Cosmic. Yes Eric and got to me he did. But only one Paph. phillippinese X self. He had a sib on his display table that took a couple awards. Nice buds too I hope they don't blast as they usually do when they've been through so much trauma.
  10. newbud

    At the Atlanta Spring Show

    Yes, two days of bliss.
  11. newbud

    At the Atlanta Spring Show

    Yw. More to come when I get home. Guess who got to clerk for the Paph. and Phrag. judges? What an education that was. Saw so many plants that until now I had only seen in pictures. My best captures were a Paph phillippinense and an appletonianum. Plus a Phrag. warseiwitzianum (I know spelled...
  12. newbud

    At the Atlanta Spring Show

    A couple more...
  13. newbud

    At the Atlanta Spring Show

    Hi all. Arrive here yesterday with my friend Roy and rekindled some old friendships from the Atlanta Orchid Society. I wasn't the only one who had lost a loved one over the last few years so it was a time of mixed feelings. It was so good to see my old friends and make some new ones. One was...
  14. newbud

    Paphiopedilum delenatii blooming in situ

    Must take the time to tell you thanks Cahn. You are truly blessed to live in a beautiful country that supports orchid wildlife. You show us sites that most of us will probably never get to see in person. Thanks again.
  15. newbud

    Neobathiea grandidierana

    That is one strange looking orchid. Thanks for sharing.
  16. newbud

    Paph Wossner Vietnam Bell

    Thanks for taking the time to explain Rick.
  17. newbud

    New Flask from Chuck Acker

    Should make a nice cross too.
  18. newbud

    Phrag seymour tower double flower!

    This is a beautiful hybrid Charles. "introduced scale"???
  19. newbud

    Paph Wossner Vietnam Bell

    Very beautiful colors, but please help me out here, aren't the dorsal sepals supposed to be erect? Not being critical, just trying to learn. I'm sure it wouldn't have gotten the award if it was a deciding factor in points. Thanks