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  1. J

    to RO or not

    Thank you everyone for your advice! The change from SoCal to Portland has proven tricky to some degree,but the water quality sure is an unexpected blessing!
  2. J

    best water ph for phrags... confusion

    THank You Ray. I had hoped ou would respond. I bought my RO system from you....and a new batch of nutrients just a few weeks back. I greatly respect your thoughts on these matters. Brad
  3. J

    to RO or not

    When I lived in Los Angeles, I bought a small RO system for my orchids. I didn't know the specific TDS, but looking at any shower head, I could tell it wasn't good. Upon moving to Portland, OR, I continued to use the slow RO system out of habit. Recently, I purchased and TDS and ph meter and...
  4. J

    best water ph for phrags... confusion

    Hey All After a few years of growing, I'm trying to get more scientific, or at least specific, with the purchase of TDS and ph meter....both cheap. My first question. Is there a specific water ph that works for all species and hybrids or do the species vary? If so, is there a definitive list...
  5. J

    Okay so I think I have a problem

    in response to "there are worse things I could do", I offer a quote from an old orchid grower I met several years ago. He said to me..... "Son, as my first wife used to tell, there are worse habits a husband could have besides growing orchids....... but not many" :evil:
  6. J

    Hello Folks

    So I'm new here - and returning to orchids after an 11 year hiatus - I used to have about 300 orchids of all sorts grown under lights in the Chicago area. Then my daughter came along and orchid time was gone. The collection was gifted, sold or passed on.:( 11 years, 3 moves and one preteen...
  7. J

    How timing of photo affects perceived quality

    You should have seen me 4 weeks ago..... I was glorious :-)