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  1. Harlz

    So I joined a local orchid society

    I joined a local orchid society with the thought I might get to shoot some flowers. Lucky for me they needed some help with photography (for newsletters etc). Here are a few of the Paphs I have been able to shoot over the last couple of meetings and shows. Paphiopedilum Love Song...
  2. Harlz

    Brown Rot?

    Hi all, interested in your thoughts and suggestions on three of my Paphs which are showing signs of Brown Rot, I think? This past summer we had a very wet January followed by a very warm, dry Feb/Mar with well above average temperatures. During this time my plants are all outside...
  3. Harlz

    Where to buy orchid flasks in Singapore and Penang, Malaysia

    Hi all, at the end of September I'm having a holiday in Singapore and Penang, Malaysia. I'd like to bring back a flask or two. Does anyone have any recommendations of where I might find an outlet with a decent selection of ready to go flasks? I'm not that fussy either, I'd consider anything...
  4. Harlz

    Paphs in a Sydney shade house

    The collections is certainly an excellent section of the forum to read about how others grow their Paphs. So I'm going to share my particulars. I started growing orchids in Jan 2013 and Paphs soon became part of my smallish collection (along with Dendrobiums, Cattleyas plus a few Sarcochilus...