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  1. robx

    Hello again, now from Olean, NY

    Hi, did you miss me? I joined slippertalk about 4 years ago, ready to start my paph empire, starting orchid seeds in jars, but this and that happened and I moved and gave away a lot and kept my favs plants and they languished. But they did not die, now I have landed in middle-of-nowhere...
  2. robx

    Chlorine fumigation seed method for Paphs

    Hi everybody, I am very happy to share this picture of green dots in a jar! This is my first batch of Paphs ever, P. bellatum and P. spicerianum, and half of them I did with a new method I wanted to try - chlorine fumigation. Chlorine fumigation sterilization is described here...
  3. robx

    old flowers: wither or clip

    Here's a survey question for everyone: What do you do when a flower starts to fade? - clip it as soon as it starts to go? (green clip) - wait until it dies back to clip it? (dry clip) I have always felt that he plant is busy sucking nutrients out of a withering flower so best to leave...
  4. robx


    Here are a couple I picked up at a local garden center already in flower: P. Hsinying Rubyweb '#3' X P. Magic Leopard 'Midnight Magic' AM/AOS (two photos below) P. fairrieanum 'Red Glen #10' X P. Hsinying Glory '#5' (two photos below) I'm a sucker for big dark...
  5. robx

    Hi from Florida

    Hi everyone, I am a longtime orchid grower who has finally seen the light and finding my plant collection is gradually turning into all Paphiopedilums! I started growing orchids in Buffalo, New York, before coming to South Florida for school and worked for a while for Fennell Orchid...