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  1. l8dbug

    Phrag. Columbianum

    I got a pair of these seedlings from letstalkplants on eBay last April. I grew them outside on my covered porch all summer. When I brought all the plants in for the winter, I was surprised by one being in spike. This is the second flower on this spike. The first one I didn’t even take a picture...
  2. l8dbug

    Phrag. mem garren weaver?

    I recently purchased this orchid from It was in spike when I got it. I'm a windowsill grower, so though Phrags are my favorite, I've had to limit myself to orchids that tended to have a smaller growth habit. I figured this was a cross with pearcei; it would be smaller. I have a...
  3. l8dbug

    Don Wimber?

    A little damaged since I left it on vacation. So obviously this is not a Don Wimber, but what is it?
  4. l8dbug

    Warts on my besseae?

    Does anyone know what this is? I just got this from a three pack from OZ. The other two besseae are unaffected. This one was not warty at first but then it started at the bud, and as you can see it travels down to the second node. my first instinct was it was a bug. but I've popped a wart from...
  5. l8dbug

    Indian almond leaves

    So I have almost 4 acres of land considered 'protected wetland'. My dream is to have a forest of slipper orchids. Since cypripedium acaule is native to my state (along with the Venus fly trap) I figured that it would be an easy start, so I ordered some with little research (bad idea). Anyways I...
  6. l8dbug

    Paph atlantinet

    Does anyone know where an atlantinet can be found? I fell in love with this flower over a year ago when I saw it on an ebay listing. Unfortunately I messed up my bidding and ended up getting out bid :( I've bee hopelessly searching the internet for one ever since only to be discouraged when I...
  7. l8dbug

    Phrag. Eric Young

    Probably the last flower of this spike. So sad to see it go. Hopefully it will bloom again next year.
  8. l8dbug

    Paph Moon Stone

    This is the first time I've bloomed this plant. I think the name fits the cross.
  9. l8dbug

    phrag. haroldeen quintal

    phrag. haroldeen quintal This one was ugly when it first opened. I thought it would be the redheaded step child of my collection. The pouch was smushed the left petal was all twisted back. I wish I would have taken a picture then, because the next day the petal straightened out and the pouch...
  10. l8dbug

    Paph. Rosy Dawn 'VP'

    Paph. Rosy Dawn ‘VP’ I would have liked more rosy and less dawn in the color, but this plant is a solid performer, so it makes up for it. It has one spike in bloom, one spike about to bud, and two more spikes developing. It has 11 growths total. I’m really proud...
  11. l8dbug

    Happy to be here

    Hi there! I'm Sara. I'm addicted to slipper orchids. It has been three days since I bought my last orchid.... :o I finally decided to join your forum. I've been obsessed with orchids since high school. I started with one, and have been collecting them ever since. I finally decided that I...