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  1. Kawarthapine

    Seeking Pleione growers

    I'm once again diversifying my collection and I've become quite interested in terrestrial orchids. I have not grown pleione before but was thinking of trying the following species and hybrids: Pleione formosana. Pleione Vesuvius( P.bulbocodioides X P. X confusa); and, -Pleione speciosa...
  2. Kawarthapine

    Keylime 'New Silver Moon' x Keylime 'Silver Platter'

    Another late Spring windowsill bloomer.
  3. Kawarthapine

    Backyard treasure, Little Yellow Lady Slippers

    The recent heat wave and sun has brought these plants into bloom less than four weeks from the time they emerged from my flower bed. These plants are native to my area (central Ontario, Canada) and are rescues from a bike path that went through a friends farm about 15 years ago.
  4. Kawarthapine

    Japan & Ecuador earthquakes, thinking of Slippertalk members and families

    Just a brief note to let those members from Japan & Ecuador know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope that they, their loved ones, friends and neighbours are safe and that they, along with their communities, quickly recover from this terrible natural occurance.
  5. Kawarthapine

    Memoria Dick Clements w unusual bloom

    This has been a regular bloomer for at least ten years and for the first time the flower is what I would describe as malformed. This and a few other plants were subjected to excessive heat for a week or two when one of my fans failed. Not sure if this is a heat issue or something altogether...
  6. Kawarthapine

    Don Wimber renamed Memoria Dick Clements v flavum, from old Oak Hill nursery

    One of several recent bloomers. The dorsal is a bit pinched but otherwise comparable with previous flowers. "]http://[/URL]
  7. Kawarthapine

    Merit of adding Mycorrhizae to potting medium

    I am wondering whether there is any merit in adding endo and ecto myco strains to my potting mix to enhance soil chemistry, nutrient uptake plant vigour. Any experience or advice would be appreciated. Duncan
  8. Kawarthapine

    Rec. Addition of new Forum/Thread on taking orchid pics

    Great web site and forums, users, administrators, etc... My only suggestion is that a new section within 'Orchid Pictures' be added and be entitled, 'Photo Tips & Techniques'. Someone like Dot would be an amazing source but I dont want to 'volunteer' or pressure anyone. Thanks, Duncan
  9. Kawarthapine

    Where to buy Kelpmax in Canada

    Can anyone provide me with a Canadian retail source for Kelpmax? I know Ray has it available for sale through his web site but I'm hoping to find a more local solution. Many thanks.
  10. Kawarthapine

    Is Inocucor Garden Solution available in Canada yet?

    Does anyone know of a Canadian source for the garden solution supplement? It was supposed to be available early this year (2016) but I have yet to get a manufacturer reply to my inquiries.
  11. Kawarthapine

    Sunset Valley Orchids inquiry

    I was thinking of getting a few plants when Sunset Valley Orchids does a SOOS presentation in a few months. Can anyone vouch for the quality of plants from this large West coast greenhouse? From their website it appears they really specialize in catts, blc's encyclias, but also do several...
  12. Kawarthapine

    phrag kovachii hybrids, best medium to compact plants

    Well, I've finally decided to get a couple of Kovachii hybrids. I was thinking of two plants to start. One plant I really like is Fritz Schomberg. The other I was considering was a kovachii x hanne popow cross. I figure the FS will get quite big and the HP x K less so. I really want...
  13. Kawarthapine

    How long from compote to blooming size

    I just received some lovely seedlings in compote as part of a plant trade. Can folks give me estimated time till plant maturity (1st bloom potential) for the following (presuming of course I do my part): Paph, Callosum Paph, Carolyn Butcher Paph, Harold Koopowitz Paph, malipoense Paph...
  14. Kawarthapine

    dend, Sea Mary 'Snow King'

    Got this from a friend last fall. This plant's flowers will get increasingly pink on the tips before dropping after about 6 weeks. Check out the baby keiki on top of the cane (top right of pic) yeah! Another plant for the family collection.
  15. Kawarthapine

    dend, Satana Harada x Oriental Sprite

    This one sits in a south window and blooms like clockwork every Feb to Mar.
  16. Kawarthapine

    mounted brassavola nodosa

    I got bored looking at my clump of bn sitting in a pot languishing in the corner of my plant room so I mounted it on a piece of century old pine root (found on a friends farm). I mounted the wood on a slab of soapstone. If I do my part misting and fertilizing it should bloom in about 4-6...
  17. Kawarthapine

    Phrag, 1st bloom Lutz Rollke

    This is my 1st bloom Lutz Rollke. I bought it as a seedling about two months after compote. This plant is roughly three years old now and gave me two flowers on its first try. Not sure if it this was a fast, slow or normal rate of growth.
  18. Kawarthapine

    Phrag Kaieturnum x Ecuadorense

    I just re-potted this plant about 8 weeks ago. So much for transplant shock!
  19. Kawarthapine

    Fert concentration for young seedlings

    Can folks weigh in on ppm levels for fertilizers that will be applied to seedlings roughly six months after being deflasked. I've just started using K-Lite with my adult plants at about 35 ppm in RO water on weekly basis but I have little experience with paph babies. Should I use K-Lite...
  20. Kawarthapine

    phrag Lutz Rollke, rose like scent

    I thought I was imagining things, but for the first time I am getting a mild rose like scent from the second flower on my first Lutz Rollke. The flower is about a week old. It's not very strong but definitely detectable mid day. I did not think this hybrid or besseae hybrids in general...