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  1. SlipperNewbie

    Paph spicerianum

    My Paph spicerianum (very 1st slipper) is opening. The 1st pic is from this morning and the 2nd is from this afternoon. I'm excited! :D [/url]Paph spicerianum by SlipperNewbie, on Flickr[/IMG] Paph spicerianum by SlipperNewbie, on Flickr didn't load even though the links are...
  2. SlipperNewbie

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Hi everyone, I've had a few Phals for several years and have decided to add new orchids to my collection. Last year I added Onc. Sharry Baby Red Fantasy, LC. schilleriana, Doritis pulcherrima Wallbrun, Doritis pulcherrima var. champornensis, Epi pseudepidendrum and a Onc. mini lost label. I...